Pyrritator faster then velociraptor? 🤔


It happened this:

I used pyrritator, opponent used T-Rex
I defeated T-Rex and opponent brought out V-Raptor
In this case, opponent should have attacked first, but instead I was able to give the first hit and I one shotted his v-raptor.

I am glad I won a match, but this is not fair so please fix this bug. None of us was under debuff so v-raptor always goes first.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but the app screen was a little strange (the upper side was kind of cut as per picture below):


I wonder if it displayed the wrong dinosaur that they chose?


Sorry I didn’t mention that I made the screenshot lately because I was so shocked to do it on time.

But my lev 16 pyrritator can do max 1.658 dmg (2x) so it was a creature who cannot survive this hit. And it was displayed v-raptor so I am really puzzled…


Hey SaraCuriosa, thanks for reporting this. Contact our support team with the details from your battle so they can take a closer look and investigate. Our team can be reached at, make sure to include your support key as well.