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Pyrritator move when did this happen?

I know it was in the patch notes, but Pyrritator didn’t have the promised DSI after the update. But it does now…:thinking:

I could be really late to the party as well, but I just noticed today when I played a bot :joy:


what move it had before? :scream:

It had Armor Piercing Impact

wow, it makes a difference when fighting against shield dinos like trago, alankylo…

Yep! And it makes it really good against counter attackers like Tryko if you play it right.


Pyrritator has low health. Usually the opponent uses slowing move against it. I suggest Distracting Rampage and DSI should be changed to Distracting Impact and DSR, so that the distraction effect can last for 2 turns (unless the opponent uses SS) and at the same time making high damage.


You think that’s weird or off kilter then you NEED to check out Kaprosuchus move set (mainly his swap in attack [ not the actual name for it so don’t jump the gun plz] It NEVER had that swap in move before but I’m thinking they did it to try and bring it back into the arena amongst players again, mainly the much higher arena levels but I’m not sure.

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I don’t follow what you are referring to. Kapro had that move as per the 1.7 patch notes:


  • Ferocity Impact becomes Ferocity Strike. Attack reduced to 980. Swap in ability becomes Swap In Definite Strike.
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The swap in Definitive Strike I just didn’t recall nor remember it having that swap in move before for a long time is all.

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Maybe because I haven’t used it since my days of climbing up the arena levels which feels like it’s been a dogs age now. Which would explain why “I don’t remember seeing that move changed during the 1.7 update patch.”

They should give gorgosuchus a swap in definite strike

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I agree with you on that. Hell it would be nice if they gave Gorgosaurus, the epic T-Rex and/or rare T-Rex (or both I won’t complain), and ESPECIALLY the Spinthoraptor ALL NEED MAJOR REWORKS or the very least some revised additions added on to their existing attack kits. It’s just extremely super sad and insulting that the #1 hallmark staple and biggest most recognizable hero (so to speak dinosaur-wise) is the epic T-Rex and he is only used for the purpose of being an ingredient for a hybrid and or super hybrid!!! That’s just insulting to me!! Not to mention his speed having been set at what was it again? 102, or 103?? This Lizard King aka King of all the Dinosaurs ran faster than any and all long necks, faster then any dimetrodons, faster then any Gallimus’s etc. and yet they make his base speed so low it’s like they were spitting on everything that is awesome about the Dino. If you ask anybody on the street what’s the first thing/or dino that comes to mind (talking Jurassic Park trilogy only) they all would say T-Rex and or Velociraptor. Sorry I didn’t mean to sound like I was becoming triggered or anything b/c I wasn’t. Just passionate about the source material is all.

Now a lot of you will jump onto the usual bandwagon by saying “that’s all a moot point now what with all these boosts having been added to the game already.” But NO NO it really doesn’t make it a moot point!

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@MattEllis the app was updated this week, but pyrritator still showing armor piercing impact.

I think he just updated the app today! Try updating, because it should be correct now.


Hey @AndreMR do you have v2.1.9 or v2.1.10. Make sure it’s v2.1.10 and it should work. Both versions were released this week so it’s a little confusing!

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thanks! great job! :clap:

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