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Pyrritator or Alloraptor?

I used to love Pyrritator, one of the coolest ledgendaries there was. But now I finally have it, and it is a bit disappointing… Sure, it used to be OP, but taking away what made it good has destroyed it. 1400 damage and 2550 health is not reliable, and cannot support anything. Now when I compared it to Alloraptor, there was a huge difference.

I will post the comparison here:

Sure, Alloraptor is slow for a raptor, but the 1700 damage makes it overpowered when boosted. Pyrritator on the other hand, has super low health and not enough damage. How does this happen when Pyroraptor, which is part of it, has 1500 damage? All I am asking is for Pyrritator to get a buff, maybe 1500 damage? That’s all.

Anyway, thanks for looking at this if you did. Thanks!

It’s never been good to begin with, it’s just there to feed magna. But I guess it could use a buff

Alloraptor is maybe beefed more because its used in raids more commonly than pyrritator.

Pyrri defently needs a buff

But ludia said they’re gonna start balancing stuff based on how hard it’s to make(which they haven’t even started), to reward a player’s extra work

Alloraptor has an event execlusive epic component(basicly as hard as it gets) and a rare local spawn

While pyrri has a night time global rare and a local epic and has a raid

So alloraptor is miles ahead of pyrri in terms of how hard it’s to get and is rightfully far stronger