Pyrritator or Utahsinoraptor?


There was a topic about this a little over a week ago, but with the small buffs to both dinos, which is better now? Pyrritator or Utahsinoraptor?


Utahsino is way better in overall performance


It’s hard to tell they don’t play the same role at all in a team. It depends on your needs, what you expect to face, the level at you can have them…


pyrritator does more damage and dies. utahsino actually has a chance against stegod with the new update. overall utahsino is better right now but playing both wont hurt


It depends on the role,

facing with Tank, non-immune creature? You got Utahsino since she has a chance to withstand them with 75% instant charge and debuff opponent damage

Facing with Immune , non-debuff creature? There you go with Pyrritator for her high damage output and 129 speed since most of immune creature has a mediocre HP and lower than 129 speed


Utahsin only better if the stun actually applies. Otherwise I prefer pyri for sheer damage potential & not rellying on rng!


I use pyrritator, bad vs stegodeus, good vs evrything else, in my arena aeverybody have indoraptor and magnapyritor and pyrritator outpeed they giving my good results