Pyrritator or Utasinoraptror?


Exactly what it says. I’ve got Utasino but just wondering how the two compare so I can decide what goes on my team before I finish fusing? I realize raptors aren’t the strongest anymore, but for heavy damage and diverse stats I’m curious how these two stack up. Thanks for the help!


These two dinos have exactly the same damage stat. However pyrritor has 2 rampages while utahsino has 2 impacts. Pyrritor focuses on piercing armor while utahsino is focused more on stunning. Pyrritor has r2c which is a move you wont use unless you are sure that your opponent is going to instacripple or invis that turn making it have 3 attacks that 2 pierce armor. On the other hand,utahsino has more survivibility. If you want your dino to live longer utahsino is the way to go. He has armor and 2 stunning attacks. Pyrritor is faster but if you had utah when pyrritor came to battle,he has insta charge. They both have one good hybrid but magnapyritor is obv better than utarinex. Overall depends on what you will choose. Survivibility or burst damage. I personally have utahsino in my deck and if i be able to create pyrritor this weekend i will play both since they play similar but different roles. Pyrritor can kill tanks easily while utahsino has better matchups against other fast damage based dinosaurs. Basically you dont like stegodeus? play pyrritor. You dont like diloranasaurus?play utahsinoraptor. Also note that these arent exactly counters to mentioned stego and dilorana. It was just as an example. Also side note:utahsino is such an overperformer. It can easily carry you through 2 dinos and it saved a lot of my games


What a detailed answer, thank you! Yes, I’ve had really good luck so far with utasino, mainly I was debating spending the necessary coin for the fusions. Great info here, thanks again.


No probs. I have been thinking about the same thing untill i decided i wanted both because possimetrodon is overrated


I got both the person earlier explained perfectly pyritator is the ultimate raptor high damage & speed low survive. Utah more like a support dino moderate speed and damage good survivability(when instant stun actually stuns otherwise it’s survive is =pyritator). I use pyritator over Utah cause the chance to get a boosted damage ap rampage is beautiful! Recently swaped utahsino for dilourano cause it does similar things better than utasin