Pyrritator Raid Tips

Hey fellas, we just tried different setups but didn’t managed to takenitndown yet. Any tips for a completion?

We already tried Dilorano, Tryo, Ardonto, Para…

May Diplovenator be a good choice because of the distraction moves?

Skoola helped my team defeat the raid because it can instant distract all the opponents, use tip the scales to cleanse and nullify positive effects and also pull up Shields for the team, along with being able to slow down the boss, aside from that we used Diloranosaurus, Entelemoth and Tryostronix, all level 20’s


We used Skoolasaurus, Trex, bajatonodon and the allocinosaurus. Wasn’t happy, everyone got 35

which levels were the dinos? would you share the video or the strategy?

Carnotarkus is also a pretty good creature for the Pyrritator raid thanks to it’s counterattack and GDR


Try this you won’t fail.

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This is the best one ^^^

I don’t know who was designing this thing, but it can’t be quite all OK when it’s harder to beat than Mortem :face_with_raised_eyebrow: