PYRRITATOR “ready to crush”


Anyone know how to use this move?
I feel this move is useless, before next move already dead.


Only used that move if you know the opponent does not have slow, nullify and could not kill you in one move. It is very specialized


Only way I have used it is if you know the other person is going to use a priority move and you are faster.


Almost all legend have either slow or nullifying, pretty much a non use move i guess.
Stats by Stats maybe Utasinoraptor is better option, same level it has a higher damage output even with 1.5x instead of 2, but has a priority stun which most of the time works.
Speed of 126 at higher level seems to be pretty good position.
Any good opinion around?


Only safe mode is when you are faster and know your enemy will use cloak or instant invincibility


Other than for tyrostronix, i think RTC is too specialized/useless.


Anticipating an “instant invincibility” or “instant cripple” are the only times I can think of …

Or at the end of trago’s long invincibility…


Some moves are useless, like RTC and regenerate. By luck u maybe able to impose one additional hit but most of the time actually is wasted one damage move.
Once u enter into arena 7 and above such moves are practically pointless to have.


When u anticipate cloak,evolve,swap Dino


I removed Pyrritator from my lineup for that very same reason. For it to work I will have to be really lucky with my mind reading


I use it when I’m up against a tyrostronix, you use ready to crush, it will use f-strike, use distracting rampage or armor piercing rampage, you have increased odds of doing some where between 3900 to 4400 on critical, 2600 to 3100 maybe, I think. My lvl 18 with critical can do 4100ish damage and 2700ish damage without critical damage


I have pyrritator on my team and after some battles, I found in following situations it’s better to use RTC:

1.When the enemy does not kill you in one go with non debuffing moves (usually when you know a normal strike is coming)

2.Against counter attack dinos if you can survive the next hit. (By doing RTC, you will not receive counter attack)

3.Against cloaking dinos (indo series), if your one rampage move doesn’t kill your opponent but one buffed rampage does and you know they will use cloak. (By doing this, you increase your killing chance to 50% and a potential amazing damage on their next dino)

4.When you know your opponent is going to use instant charge (especially against sino raptor hybrid) as if they don’t stun, you will have a huge advantage over their next dino.

In conclusion, you send out your pyrritator to do two rampage moves (usually killing the first and injure the second). If you are able to do two rampage moves with RTC, then do it. If you will die if you use RTC, then don’t do it.


Let’s take example: against I-rex
If i use RTC and I-rex cloak, i left one move to kill it. If I-rex dodge, Pyrritator is gone, I-rex full health.
If just go 2 moves, even one hit would reduce substancial health of I-rex, next member can kill it easily.
Who would want to use RTC?