Pyrritator was supposed to have DSI

Hey Ludia, in the 1.8 patch notes it was stated that Pyrritator was to receive Defense Shattering Impact over Armour Piercing Impact. This change never happened. Carnotarkus also had Decelerating Strike at the beginning, this was later on patched to correctly give it Superiority Strike. Mind letting us know why Pyrritator never got the same treatment? Did you decide that it would make Pyrri too strong? (it wouldn’t). Sorry if this has already been addressed, but I haven’t seen it brought up before.


Pyrritator was my favourite dino when it had APR and Distracting Rampage without delay. I benched it after the moves were changed. Now it is only a DNA supplier for my Magna.


Yeah, I’m liking the trend of legendaries becoming sidegrades to their uniques instead of downgrades (see Utasino, Allosino and Paramoloch). DSI would help Pyrri get closer to this status with respect to Magna


Im a fan of this design as well having a choice to run utahsino or rinex is flexibility in a tree few have and more need it…

Pyrri used to be utasino’s best counter, the distracting rampage nerf hurt it bad

I would like for the middle hybrids to become more viable. Like others said I feel like the only tree with good options all the way is the sinos

Gorgo is also better than megalo for some reason also


Exactly. I used Pyrritator to counter Utasino before its nerf. I hope more legendaries in the arena rather than facing the same unique dinos like Thor, Tryko, Utarinex, etc. I use Monostego and Utasino as the only two legendaries. I seldom face another Monostego in the arena even now it is buffed. There are some other good legendaries if buffed properly like Megalo, Stegod and Tryos.