seriously can we get a pyroraptor event I need dem dna
also suggest me a legendary to make I have 3 rn
I Rex, stegodeus and utahsinoraptor


We had a pyroraptor event some weeks ago so this might take a while but I suggest you to keep take a look around at fire station to have a chance to spot a pyroraptor in the wild

It depends on what is your current dino roster, if you want share it with us so we can suggest you for the best one to add into your team. :wink:


Also check local 2 for them.


Stegodeus all the way!


I live ìn a zone 1, but have a zone 2 not far away. But I’ve only seen a pyro twice in the wild


:point_up:️this is all I have available


I’d recommend using common scents in zone 2 and seeing if you can’t get one to pop. :slight_smile:


I bike past 2 for stations a day, and have never seen it in the wild


Try using a capsule in a zone 2, I live in one and can’t seem to get rid of the darn things!


jeez where do you live


does that attract epics?


Me neither :sweat_smile: I think the geo tags maybe are well set up in some part of the world, and in other parts are not as precise.

Also, keep in mind that you need to be very lucky to see a wild pyrritator in the exact moment you go through the fire station, cause the spawn rate for a specific local epic is very small.

|Local Common|43.56|
|Local Rare|5.1975|
|Local Epic|0.495|


I would say Stegodeus except with all the bitter complaints out there I’m afraid she may get needlessly nerfed so may be better to go for IRex since she is material for IndoRaptor as well. And since IRex and IndoRaptor are both stars and favorites of the franchise, they are unlikely to get nerfed and hence better investment in long run. Utahsinoraptor is useful but I’ve found that up against Allosinosaurus of the same level, she will most likely lose. However, she is worth leveling up to create the unique Utarinex later down the line


So you have:

I Rex, stegodeus and utahsinoraptor

Probably you have in your team also Stegoceratopo and gorgosuco (I am not able to guess the others, too many possibilities, but I bet amargocefalo and Einasuco? :sweat_smile: )

So I can suggest you to work on another immune dino, tryostronix or monomimo (but I see you already choose monostegotopo to fuse monolofosauro dna)

Also, I create Alanchilosauro and I am pretty happy with her.


There’s a low probability chance of getting a rare or epic, and they’re cheap enough that i see it happen.


The irritator dna is well to high imo at most 200. There’s not enough of it about to be 500