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[Q&A] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts 2.0

Hello fellow DPG members,

Our designers have gone over the questions, suggestions, and opinions submitted in the form link posted in the original Stat Boosts 2.0 post. Together, we’ve chosen and combined questions that were either echoed with frequency or felt they addressed a widely held concern or misunderstanding. Also, for simplicity’s sake, we’ll be using SBP for Stat Boost Points.

Thanks to everyone for their submissions!


Can you only apply one Boost per week?

You can apply Boosts in the character sheet at the same speed as you could before with the Stat Boost interface, roughly one Tier per second.


How many SBPs will I need to spend to increase one Tier?



How do Sanctuaries Level Up interact with Stat Boosts 2.0?

After Stat Boost 2.0, the Sanctuary Level Points bonus from Stat Boosts will have been adjusted to consider this change (since it is impossible to max out every stat anymore). Each creature will give around 20% more Sanctuary points. In the end, a maxed out creature (Level and Stat Boosts) will give the same amount of Sanctuary points as before.

This will also help players at low Levels as their creatures also generate 20% more Sanctuary points.


Will there be a feature where you can reset a creature’s Boosts? For example, you boost a T. rex up, then you want to boost the Indominus rex up while removing the T. rex from your team. Since you won’t be using the T. rex anymore, it would be very nice if there was a feature to remove all Boosts from a creature to use on a different one.

That’s precisely what we’ve done with the player-driven refund option.

However, instead of paying any resource (such as HC or Coins) to perform this operation, you now “trade off cost” by having half of the SBPs back. This is similar to RPGs in which you get only half the item’s worth back when you sell it. When you spend SBPs, you are still investing in a creature.

We don’t want to create an ecosystem where players can, with no consequence, ping-pong their Stat Boosts from one creature to the next as often as they wish–if that was the case, we would have made slot-based items that you could move from one creature to the next in one operation.


You need to implement another way where you can get Boosts via a hard grind. Players who play free to play but grind much more than others get an advantage, such as Booster special quest, walk xy km, use event (100?), etc.

Yes. You will be able to collect 100 SBP every week by completing the weekly SBP Strike Event and completing all 7 Daily Battle Incubators. In addition to this, you will be able to collect more SBP in the 15 minutes battle incubators.

In the coming weeks, there will be more events where you can find more SBP such as in Supply Drops and Enhanced Supply Drops.


I would like to easily see the Tier of Boosts on my Dinosaurs as well as for opponents when battling. Is that coming too?

This is definitely something we would like to implement but we have not yet had the chance to fit it into our packed production schedules.


I’m not very fond of this change. I have spent a good amount of real money to get my Boost and get my creatures where they are. Are we getting in-game cash compensation for what we spent?

You will not get hardcash. All applied SBPs will be removed from creatures and put in your inventory. Then, you will get all the SBPs in your inventory multiplied by a bonus, regardless if you have acquired them via gameplay or the in-game store. Once the release is live, you will be able to spend these refunded-and-multiplied SBPs on any creature you wish.


If a creature is at Level 30, will it be possible to reach Tier 20 in each stat (HP, Attack, Speed) simultaneously, or will the “Boost Ceiling” prevent a creature from being “Maxed Out” in every aspect simultaneously?

With a creature at Level 30, the maximum amount of Tiers (the total sum) that you can have on your creature is 30. This means that you could have a balanced creature with Attack 10, HP 10 and Speed 10 (for a total of 30 Tiers) or you could have a skewed creature (such as an Attack 15, HP 15, Speed 0 for your Dracoceratops). You cannot have 20 Attack and 20 HP, because that sum would be 40 (which is higher than the maximum Level of 30).

Making such choices over your roster of creatures is part of the customization aspect that we want players to be able to express. Such a Level-based ceiling means that if you focus on one attribute, it’s at the cost of another attribute.


I think that health and attack boost should also be pure added values, not percentages. One tier would be +30 attack and +60 health or something like that so maximum would be +600 attack and 1200 health.

We have thought about flat attribute increases when initially designing Stat Boosts. The reason why we chose percentage increases is because these increases are scalable with creature Level, and still encourage the player to play the base game (collect DNA, Level up the creature) in order to increase their creature’s attributes over time.

If we had flat attribute gains, you could either gain too much (because +100 is way too strong at your creature Level) or too little (because +100 is too insignificant at your creature Level). Keeping percentages lets us have a constant baseline of creature power-by-Level and power-by-stat-boost-tier.


I think this Boost system will lead to a situation where “fast” creatures become useless. Fast creatures require Boost to increase speed but slower creatures are designed so that they do not need speed. As such, you can use all your Boost on Attack and HP and this leads to slower creatures being much stronger compared to fast creatures with Boost than without Boosts.

As a battle designer, I welcome the opportunity to add value to Tanks by having the slow, healthy and strong creatures be excellent counters to speedy ones (since they don’t invest any speed boost, they can afford some of their Level-based budget on more HP and more attack). I also expect that chompers will be excellent to counter those tanks. And what counters the anti-tank chompers? High damage (and speedy!) creatures. Especially those that distract. Believe us, speed will still matter.

To get you started thinking about the speed factor, tell us what’s better: a Velociraptor with 15 attack and 15 HP Boosts, or its opponent, a Velociraptor with 15 attack, 14 HP and 1 speed boost? Who wins? The fastest one, that’s who. Extrapolate that way of thinking, and having more speed than speedy creatures will be worthwhile. Between you and your opponent, who will apply the most speed Boosts to their creatures in order to keep that speed advantage?

That said, there will be a Stat Boost reset that comes with this change, which will allow you to redistribute your Boosts as you best see fit for your team.


100 boosts per tier… Seriously?
I’ve bought nearly every single boost, knowing where it would take my team, but this price won’t even bring my team to tier 2.

Can we contact support and get our boost purchases reversed? 500 HC for 1/4 of a tier boost. I would’ve never purchased a single boost.


Thanks for the info. This clarifies a lot of our concerns.

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All creatures are being nerfed but it’s the same for everybody so we will have to get over it.

That’s not the point. 500 HC for 1/4 of a tier isn’t what I paid for. I could’ve used 4500 HC for several 250k coin bundles instead.


Doesn’t the answer to question 10 just show that boosts are pointless?


Stat Boost Reset

  • Such a set of changes in Stat Boost Power will require us to implement another global Stat Boost reset. This reset will be done with the old costs; so players who stockpiled boosts will end up with the same amount as players who spent their boosts (assuming they earned the same amount of boosts).

from: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts 2.0



I did read the whole topic, yes :slight_smile: Still not too happy about the new price vs how much hard cash I’ve spent on the boosts.


Not really, this is great for dinos like grypoly and daryx

Your fault for trying to be a pay-to-win player


They also said that there will be some compensation in the form of a bonus multiplier. You’ll end up with more boosts than you stated with.

Then, you will get all the SBPs in your inventory multiplied by a bonus… which bonus will this be?


Interesting system. Basically, during the first 3 weeks we’ll more or less be fighting in an unboosted arena? This is pretty cool, considering we can see how the meta slowly defines itself over time, rather than the drastic shift that would have happened otherwise. I’m cautiously optimistic.

But, can we get all boosts back upon self removal? The meta shifts drastically and we kind of get the short end of the stick with only getting half back on what was, at the time, a good investment.

Oh and uh, fix park scents please.


Rather than three weeks it would be just a matter of days, but it’s a major change for current status quo anyway.

Pay2win? Ever heard of tapjoy offers, derp? :laughing: I’d never waste that amount of actual money but it’s still HC earned.


I’ll be unboosted for a while. Trying to figure out what team i want in end game and getting creatures to level will come first. I can deal with arena drops if i need to.


Amazing how people only read a few lines and then start complaining.

Read the whole thing.


Everything cool, but I disagree with the last one… Speed will be a problem for speedsters exactly because they will still matter… for the speedster! But not so much for tanks and chompers… While the fast creature will still have to spend boosts on speed, sacrificing health and attack, those others won’t have to worry much about that… Try to distract that Thor with max damage and see how well it works if you don’t have a maxed health too… but anyway, it’s still an improvement overall


Hmmm. I wonder if there will still be three separate SBPs (health, attack, and speed) that can only be applied to their stat, or if there will now be one generic SBP that can applied to any stat? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

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