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[Q&A] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts 2.0

Any clarification on what the “bonus” will be? :grin:

Also, can we see how many boosts we got back before the bonus. And then have the bonus applied somehow? Hard to tell if it’s correct if we don’t know what the bonus is.


The BIG question… How will boost reimbursement be accomplished?
How accurate is the mechanism in place?
Lets just say there is a massive fiasco, will screen shots count as proof? Or will we need something harder to manipulate like a scrolling video of our boost inventory?
Not trying to be negative nelly, but Ludia has quite the reputation for massive mistakes as of late and money is money.


Thank you for taking time to answer player questions, and not leaving it to platters only to answer these important questions regarding this major change. May I recommend continuing this model moving forward.


If you consider how many SBP it takes to reach the current tier 10 in a stat, it’s 2046 SBP. If you take all those back and apply them to the same stat to reach the new cap (tier 20) at 100 SBP per tier, you’d have 46 SBP left over. Based on that, the bonus multiplier doesn’t really need to be much, if anything. It might even be a negative multiplier to take away 2.3% of your boost inventory to make the 2046 equal to 2000.

Or I completely messed up the math and could be waaaayyyyy off.

Will the maximum Tier sum for any creature be the same as the creature’s level?

That’s what it says.

Yes. With 30 total boosts being the max, and 20 being the max in a single stat.

I was just thinking “bonus” means something extra. Because the “cost” is def higher in the new system. Getting a dino to tier 8 in one stat for example will be 800 in the new system while it was only 510 in the old system. So my thought was they might make it where it’s a little easier to get back where people currently are. But I could also be waaaay off on that as well.

I think people are just going to have to get used to the fact that for the most part dinos won’t be as powerful as they are now. That’s not a bad thing, but a change that people will have to get used to.


Yeah. We won’t know for sure until tomorrow.

Yes, it will be more expensive to get back to current stat levels, but less expensive to get even higher. They’ve just slid the curve down to the left.

Oh for sure. But it’s going to be hard for some people to see it that way. They can’t get back their T8 Magna right away and are going to riot. Just watch :rofl:


This is what I was talking about. I think I will ask Apple Store to get me a full refund for all those I paid for with real money. They sold us one thing and now we get something totally different. Resetting boosts isn’t good enough.

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And the meltdown will be glorious.


Where does it say? I can see that it says that the maximum Tier sum for a level 30 creature is 30 and that the Tier sum depends on level, but I can’t see it says how the Tier sum depends on level. It’s a fair assumption that it’s y=x, but you can’t tell for sure (unless I missed something), which is why I asked.

100 boosts per tier? That’s a bit harsh isn’t it?


But the progression is linear now, so can you really compare?

Current progression isn’t linear in terms of cost per tier.

100 per tier is the equivalent of what we have now. To reach max tier in the current t system it take 2046 SBP. In the new system it will be 2000. It’s just spread out equally in the new system.

It costs more up front, but it’s the same overall cost to get to the end.

I meant the outcome for investment. Will new tier 8 equal old tier 8?

Yes, until we see it released, we don’t know 100%. However, the example in this thread and the previous thread makes it pretty clear that is what is intended.

New tier 8 will equal old tier 4.

New tier system goes to 20.

Old tier system goes to 10.