Qns abt epic scent strike event

Just received an epic scent after winning with 1 dino.
Was wondering if I used 2 dinos to complete, will it affect the type of scent reward? i.e rare scent instead of epic scent.

No, it’s random. I’ve done it losing two dinos and done it without losing one, and both times were epic scents.

Right, kinda tot tat wld be the case. Still thanks for the confirmation! :slight_smile:

Sure thing! It’d be really nice to get an epic scent if you didn’t lose a Dino though😀

I know right? Seems like you don’t get rewarded for playing a good game, though having said tat, in the current scent system, one over leveled dino wld just breeze thru the roster. Might work if the roster comprise of higher/more powerful dinos, n you are rewarded based on how well u played.