QoL changes

1)A contribution page for alliances to allow leaders to see who is active and who to kick.
Something along these lines that details dna donated and how many times they have requested

2)The ability to lock dinosaurs to prevent them being levelled up higher(this just happened to me with sinoceratops, 300 dna wasted.hopefully first and last time)

  1. Epic strike events to be more accessible to all levels of players. Its easy to forget that we were all low levels once, since strikes came out they have became progressively harder to the point where both weekly epic strikes have had legendary and unique dinosaurs.
    The weekly event strike should be accessible to the majority of players, (level 10-14 dinosaurs) and then have a challenging one(dilo duo) for the people who can manage it. The power up epic strike didn’t even have any epic dinos in it one week! Think of the whole community and not just the ones who have been playing the longest. You want the lower level players to keep progressing and keep playing.

There are plenty of strike events all week for low level players. This forum needs to quit asking for participation awards. If there’s no challenge, it will be just as boring as the rest of the week. They already cater to low level players enough. Let the higher levels have something. Sheesh.


I’d honestly be content with a way to scroll through your creatures while viewing them individually.
And I’m also of the same mind as @TheMaxx about participation awards.


seeing who donates and kicking who doesnt is kind of petty. we know who contibutes and who doesnt anyways. in a good alliance, everyone is happy to help and thats what ive experienced.


Challenge varies by person, someone with all level 30s nothing is challenging, someone with levels 10s doing a level 14/15 strike is challenging. Its not about a participation reward, like i said epic strikes have changed drastically compared to when they first arrived, which is fine for the likes of us that can manage them, but imagine if they had been of this difficulty when they first arrived, how many people would have managed them? That is my point.

Not really, if someone isn’t participating in the team why would you want them there? If they are inactive they are just taking up space. Not everyone speaks in chat ,doesn’t mean they aren’t active, but how do leads know that?

They should make red and green strike events for these legendary’s and uniques. Epic towers could have single level 30’s with epics or less dinos. Legendary could have the two level 30’s with two legendary’s or less dinos. Unique towers could have 3 level 30’s with unique dino’s or less for the really high people, not like I wouldn’t try.


Just because you have level 30s, it doesn’t mean you can crush any team. 30 vs 30 is an even match.

What if the player level could only view the incubator strikes at their level? Win win?

30 vs 30 may be equal but 4 vs 2 is not.
This wasn’t about taking anything away but adding more for everyone.
Lets hope it does get to the point where it is four level 30 uniques/best dinos in the game,then everyone can be truly happy with the challenge level.

Today was a challenge. I lost on the first try because of other dino stuns. I could see it was just a bad roll and could have won.

I payed the 200 and the dino’s came in revers order. I played the exact same dinos and moves and won with only my first dino being taken out.

The game thinks more of lower level players than higher levels… But I kinda like the idea of making epic towers less difficult… but only if they add legendary towers to be the hardest.

There’s a big level gap there between blue and yellow towers… For players with dinos around level 15 to 20 (like me), blue towers are very easy, while yellow towers can be extremely hard… There could be more well balanced challenges for us

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I agree we should be able to see donations within a clan. You don’t have to see exact kind of DNA and who it is donated to. Just set up a score system, like a common DNA is worth 1 point and rare 3 points, then show a member’s donation points on weekly or monthly bases. This will also tell if the member is active or not, and alliance can set up minimum donation points to all members.

For the towers, I think they are good. Both easy towers and hard towers exist. Moreover, if you really put thinking into the game, you can beat a lot of hard epic towers with low level dinosaurs. Like this week’s epic towers, what you really need are some bleeders at around lv 15-16 if you have watched pocemon’s videos.

How do bleeders help if your Dino’s get 1 shot crit dead and the opponent hit and runs??

I would love that, but I would also hate all of the whining in this forum that would come with it