QoL feature: can we please get a resign button?

As cool as raids are, arena’s really become messed up. Most high level players’ usual dinos got nerfed hard (not necessarily bad, we’ll adapt), but what it does mean is when you pull out a lousy load out and your opponent pulls out a Dentist with 9K health, it’s pretty much guaranteed that this game’s gonna be a waste of time. Right now, I just exit out and do something else, but it would be nice for the other player if I could just resign and save us both the time.


agreed, i don’t see it disturbing any other game function. It’ll eliminate a lot of complaints that folks have about matchmaking as well.


Yeah the first time that I was in a raid and we were going to lose I was looking for the resign button for 5 minutes. :rage:

Also being able to chat during raids would be nice but I don’t see a space for them to put it in


It really is needed. Even Pokemon go have it.
Saves tons of time!