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QoL graphics tweaks - change the critical rate boost animation colour


Here are some ideas for graphics tweaks designed to make battling as clear (graphics-wise) as possible. While some of these may seem unnecessary (especially to experienced players), do keep in mind that there are plenty of casual players who may not have the time to fully understand every aspect of the arena battle system. Not to mention, some of these can help make life easier for more experienced players too :grinning:

Without further ado, here’s the first one:

  1. Differentiate critical rate boost vs damage boost
    Seriously - I don’t know how the exact same animation is used for both. It’s lazy and confusing, especially on any creatures that can both boost damage and their critical hit rate (i.e. Tryostronix). This can get really annoying when I’ve used both Ready to Crush and Ferocious Strike, and I’m not entirely sure if one has expired thanks to the odd ways the game counts turns passed for move effects (for an example, see Swap-in Ferocity on the counter-attackers [note a]).
    Change the animation for critical boosts to orange (and have the RtC animation be orange & yellow), then let the orange glow fade out when RtC runs out…problem solved.

Halfway through writing this, I realised it’s probably way too long for any sane person to read through…so I’ve split it up. See the other parts here:

(links will be added when other parts are up)


Should the colour for critical boosts be changed?

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  • No

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a. its two turns doesn’t specify if they include the counter-attack that may occur on a swap-in. While you can learn this through experience, in my opinion the graphics & explanatory text of the game should make this as clear as possible to minimise confusion, frustration and mistaken bug reports.

QoL graphics tweaks - change the ability icons to make them clearer

Totally agree, esp when facing enemy Tryo how would I know when their RTC/FS has run out? When they successfully pull off the combi, that is…hard to tell what to swap in when u dont even know how many buffs the other guy has.