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Could we have a lock feature that stops us noobs from accidentally leveling up a dinosaur that we are trying to save DNA for a hybrid. A simple toggle that is maybe at the bottom of the page would work great.

Can we also have filter, sort and favorite features for the dino Collection screen.This could also work in the DNA request screen.

A little less RNG from strike events/incubators in general would be a very welcome addition for many im sure. Maybe a DNA shop, so if I get 29 Monolophosaurus DNA and 339 useless Koolasuchus DNA from an incubator, maybe I can trade my Koolasuchus DNA in for a token that lets me chose something that is more useful to me, even at a reduced rate. Say buy a token for 100 DNA, which lets me buy 80 DNA of a dinosaur that I actually want.

I play everyday and find the creation and leveling of the top end dinosaurs really slow, not because the rarity of dinosaurs is poor, but because it is very difficult to target specific dinosaurs.


If they implemented a shop of some kind and then people could purchase DNA that they needed, it would not only be completely abused by some users but it would make the game pointless since you don’t need to go hunt for them anymore.


So you’re happy spending hours hunting for a certain epic dinosaur, to then go home having collected 0 DNA for it? You still have to go and collect DNA to trade. The point is not to stop people going out, it’s to lessen the dissapointment of receiving DNA you don’t want.

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You won’t always find the epic or rares because they don’t spawn all the time. They’re more special.

Once you’re able to get them easily through a “shop” of some kind, their value decreases.

Waiting for the opportunity to get an epic that spawns near you is part of the fun as well as teaching a lesson in patience. You can’t have instant gratification for everything you know.

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There will be epic dinos DNA donations in alliances. They just need to find a way to limit L5 residents that they won’t abuse it.

Shop would be too much and too easy.

It’s hard to find epics in wild, but it’s possible.