QoL improvements you’d like to see 1.13 and forward

What are some quality of life improvements you’d like to see going forward?

For me:

  1. increase number of held scents to 3 or 5 . I’ve lost track at how many times I’ve wasted acquiring a new one right at reset or getting one from the free incubator

  2. have spawns from scents occur every minute (making the bigger scents 10 min instead of 20). It takes around 30 seconds to complete the darting process. We don’t need an extra minute and half staring at the screen

3)after it switches to the waiting for a opponent screen, if it reaches the one minute mark it says matched timed out… instead of it hits the minute mark give another option to fight AI

  1. introduce a weekly alliance statistic tab. Either have it be current or at least last weeks total. Have the different columns be the various stats that are tracked. This would
    a)be the best tool for alliances to see whose contributing
    b) spawn some nice friendly competition within the alliance
    c) not very hard to make in game since the statistics trackers are already implemented in the game (as seen by alliance mission top contributor in each rank)

Alliance tools. We need member statistics. As an Alliance leader I need to know that each member is donating, is working towards the weekly goals and so forth, and not just sitting there sponging off the rest of us.


10 minute scents is a great idea

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Darting 2 creatures, factoring in loading time can take a while. A minute would be at the very least cutting it close. VIPs also have longer darting times.


Really disagree. When walking around while scenting this time is trivial for darting other dinos you find on the road. Besides, on older phones the darting plus loading time can be over a minute, especially with many buildings around.


cough cough alliance chat cough


What @Tielenaar said - my partner’s phone and my alt’s phone struggle to dart two in two minutes


A better Alliance Chat.
Better match making in the arena.
I’m fighting lvls26+ and my highest dino is 24.
More tools for Alliance Leaders.
And for the love of everything spend some time and fix everything right the first time.


Highscore-based tournament rewards and a better speed-tie system.

I would love to see chat fixed, but I’m resigned to the fact that it seems like it’s never going to be.

An end of week alliance contribution chart would be great, not necessarily everything but at least something to give an idea of the activity put in by alliance members. I think everyone is wise to the last time logged in which was added to give the leader an idea as to who needs to be booted. So they pop in just to make it look like they are active.

More scents carried would be great, so that when the weather is awful or when you can’t get out for any reason, you can still get plenty of targets reached from your home.

When there is a special event it would be great if it didn’t make other regular stuff soooooo hard to find. When the stun strike the other day occurred I had to drive over eight miles out to find the boost strike as every usual spot was taken by the new stun strike.

Stop selling boosts every day as the arena has become so toxic now. It’s got less and less to do with your skill and level of Dino, and more and more about how many boosts you have applied.


Alliance chat fixed
Strike events to be removed after completion, making it easier to get green stops
Multi-fusion for non-obtained dinos
More space for scents


-Wild creature despawn timer so we know if we should get closer or dart before it disappears
-Equality for event drops and strike events. Less dilution.
-Strike events disappear after completion
-Player daily/weekly/all time stats that are viewable by alliance members/leader
-Higher interaction holding capacity
-Sanctuary locking/password so random people don’t drop their level 1 nundasuchus into your alliance’s hard earned level 20 sanctuary
-Dino search bar in lab so you can quickly find a specific dino
-Multi-leveling, just like multifusing but allows you to level from 11 to 20 right away instead of clicking 9 times

Bugs to be fixed:
-Alliance chat
-Owen glitch
-Connection issues

-And so much more


For Ludia to start acting like they give a care. I know, I know; we should try to be realistic


I will never understand why we cant fight AI’s for slightly lesser quality rewards and no trophy gains…


Oh, and i want the “campaign” removed… that is the biggest joke in this game next to them marketing boosts as “cosmetic”

I don’t want them removed, I just want the stupid level restrictions removed.

If I can’t beat the final level with my team of under 30s? Fine, understandable. But for crying out loud, lemme try anyway. By the time I have enough dinos at the level required, I’ll have the entire dinodex completed and won’t need any of the measly 10 DNA you receive from them.

Even the final premium incubator is a risk - the amount of garbage DNA in this game from poor balancing is a joke.


This. :arrow_double_up:

Campaign should not be restricted artificially


I can agree with your points, but the ridiculous amounts of boosts they threw on the creatures is just a complete insult

First and formost, fix the chat! How we suppose to help others with dna and request if were wasting time requesting and its not showing up on anyone elses chat? And vice versa. Only to wait 17hours for same thing to happen. Total bs. Screw everything else, get the basics fixed first


I wished the alliance chat would be improved.
I open the chat and it shows me donations I can’t donate to, because they timed out.
The chat jumps sometimes and does not show me current chat messages.