QoL improvements you’d like to see 1.13 and forward

I understand the level requirement. It is so you cannot cheese the campaign if you were incapable of beating it otherwise (for example, Level 15 Dracorex and Level 30 Dracorex could accomplish the same thing). The boost requirement sucks though.

I don’t like the alliance statistic idea. It is so cutthroat and brutal.

Alliance tools. Alliance tools. Alliance tools.
More visible spawns (not proximity spawns). I’ll leave my house for a good dino blocks away but I won’t take that walk if I don’t see it.
Pandemic mode… let us store more scents, increase everyone’s circle to VIP range, extend VIP circle even further, double the supply drops everywhere.


Scents are fine now. We only need bigger storage for them.

Faster drone launching. That 30 seconds waiting to dart creature is annoying.


YES. And the useless extra scene where you see the critter walk away, and the separate animated screens showing you your darting results twice, and the extra-long animation when it’s an epic…


Please FIX the alliance chat already! I was donating DNA today and the stupid chat jumped and moved someone else’s request to where the original one was. Result: 20 DNA of Argentinosaurus DNA lost. I need that DNA right now to continue leveling my Ardentismaxima.

Increase the speed that triggers the Owen pop-up to at least 20 mph. As long as this game’s been around it’s popped the Owen screen up at 9 mph. That is a slow cycling speed! A runner can easily reach that speed, and they’re a PEDESTRIAN! I am REALLY TIRED of having Owen pop up 50 times a day while I’m playing by bicycle!

Implement the Gyrosphere mode that I mentioned here: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Global Health March 13, 2020

A new company taking over the license? Just saying…

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performance optimizations.

i am tired of asking for bug fixes. bugs seem to be ludia’s mascots.

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