QOL Improvements


It would be nice to have a couple of quality of life changes.

In the shop you should be able to see the status of the item you select to help determine if you would like to buy it.
When you have the chance to upgrade something that changes something other than the basic accounting/atk/etc (like % chance to trigger) this should show as well.

One that I think is more of a tricky one to work, would be related to movement/melee attacks. Currently you can’t move onto the same zone that an enemy is on to be able to hit the ranged units with a melee attack. This also stops the %chance abilities of the boots on the characters. Maybe a simple solution to this is to do like traditional d&d and allow melee characters to enter the group of enemies, but if any ranged aoe damagers attack an entire zone it should also damage your allies.

Hope this makes sense.


As in you’d like to be able to move into the same row as enemies in order to be able to hit the ones in the row behind them?

I’m wondering if that functionality was something considered in the past. Although, it doesn’t seem like something you want to do very often - if there are enemies in front of you, it’s probobly more worthwhile to wack them on the head.

I do like the idea of friendly fire in that case though :smiley:

Some more QOL things:

  • See the advancement statistics for a piece of equipment, beyond 1 upgrade tier. This would help determine if the player wants to upgrade their common item 3x, or save their coins and stick with their rare item.

  • Side-by-side comparison of hero’s statistics; a 4x5 table would do nicely. If the ranger going to do better damage than the warlock? ATM, you need to memorize the statistics of one, find the other, and compare.

  • More explanation of the value of the ATK and AC stats, and how they interact; I believe they contribute to the chance to miss, and a damage multiplier?

  • The ability to schedule a chest to begin opening after another is done might be good, although that would eliminate some of the app’s stickiness :stuck_out_tongue:


Not just move into their row, but also pull them down.
Example: my barbarian is in row 2 with cleric, warlock, and ranger in row 1. If I use pull and try to bring a monster to row 2 so my cleric can attack it, I can’t. The monster just bounces off of nothing and goes back to row 3.

Edit: spelling mistake