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Thank you, Ludia, for the improvements we’ve already had! I’ve got a few more I’d like to put in…

Shorter PvP Wait
When I go to the arenas to battle, the first thing I see is “Choose Your Creature.” I have 30 seconds to pick one. 25 of those seconds are spent waiting so I can actually tap a beastie and send it in. Often my phone is slow enough I actually don’t get to pick, so it auto-sends the first dinosaur. Can we please get the 25-second wait shrunk down to 1 or 2 seconds for PvP and strike events? I like that the cards flip over to reveal the dinos; that has a nice flair to it. I just don’t want to stare for 20+ seconds waiting for that to happen.

Search Bar for Sanctuaries
Sometimes I’m looking for critters in sanctuaries that never go beyond level 10 or 15. They can be difficult to find when there are level 20 dinosaurs in every sanctuary. Could we get a search bar so I can find Quetzalcoatlus without tapping on every sanctuary trying to find them?

Faster Supply Drops
'Nuff said. Could we get the animation sped up or removed? Or better yet, just skip the animation and give us the prizes as soon as we tap it on the map? I don’t see much reason for us to tap it once to select it, then tap again to open it, then wait for it to spin so we can get stuff one by one.
My favorite solution: As soon as you tap a supply drop on the map, it turns grey. Three little bubble things float over it to let you know how many coins, darts, and cash you got. That’s it. Not even a single full-screen popup to slow down the hunt.

Auto-Win Strikes
My proposition: When you tap a strike tower, if you have a dinosaur that has a higher speed than all targets in the strike and an attack high enough to one-shot all targets with a basic attack, have an “Auto Win” button with that top dino’s profile pic next to it. These criteria seem quite restricting, however. Maybe if you have a dino with high speed and base attack high enough to take all targets down with an impact? If there’s a dino that big, then come on–You already know who’s won this fight before it’s even begun. This could save time. I actually skip mini-strikes because I don’t care enough to load the battle to get 20 rare DNA anymore. With an auto-win, I’d be taking advantage of every strike again.

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I agree. This may be a “wooo” moment for new players, but it gets old fast and boring. It doesn’t add anything to the game besides time.


Most of this I agree with, but the 2 second wait time I don’t. I do think it needs to be shrunk down, but maybe to 10 seconds, so that players who are indecisive (me) can still have time to pick a dino if none of them are good starters.

i just think it should be slowed down

By 2 second wait time I mean you can still take 30 seconds to choose your dinos, only you have to wait 2 of those seconds for the dinos to reveal themselves. Then you still have the remaining 28 seconds to tap one & send it in. Right now, I’m at a 25-second wait time for the cards to flip and then I only have 5 seconds left to actually tap one. Sometimes, my phone lags and I don’t even have 1 second to choose. That’s a problem for me. Does anyone else have to deal with that?