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Qtn: utasinoraptor or utarinex 1.11 end game

Hello just want to ask which one is more variable for the end game with all the updates etc. I want one to be included on my team. Right now I have utasinoraptor and not yet unlock utarinex. Should I stick with uta or go unlock utarinex?

I unlocked Utahsino and used him for so long before I got Utahrex. I definitely have a strong opinion on Sino as he has helped me in so many battles. Although i have Rex now i never use him as i invested so much into Sino. I have tried Rex but he does not fit with my style of play. Sino on the other hand fits my team with speed, a possible opener, and a great move set. I know I’m not much help but I would go with what suits your style of play. I have never removed Sino from my team and face super strong ones. I rarely see Rex as my opponent…

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If you need a creature with health and can dish out damage and run, then Utarinex. If you need something that’s good at taking out things 1v1, then Utasino.


I see thank you guys for the reply. If I use Utarinex what is the best combo for him? Right now trying to unlock erlidominus for damage run that is why if utarinex is variable to my team two runners combo. Some people say that utasino will be next to be nerf since its so strong. I really like utasino but afraid if he is next…

Anyway have you guy boosted utahsino? What is the best invest to boosts for her to survive on 1v1?

Do you boost utahsino? What level is your utah sino now

I’ve always run with Utasino and have it boosted evenly.

Some say it’s daft to boost its speed but as I often open with it, I beg to differ. Up to the Library it often leads off against a slower Magna or Erlidom so getting first hit is important. A critical strike then getting hit with a rampage or distracting will more often than not mean you win the first battle with a standard move next on either.

It struggles against Tryko or Dioraja though, and anything with a shield, counter, or wound attack.

I have found Monostegotops vital if Utasino is in my team, as a swap out can be costly without the swap in attack. I generally don’t start with Utasino if Monostegotops isn’t in my line up. For this reason some prefer rinex, but I don’t.

I’m in Library by the way and my Utasino is level 25 with 4 boosts on each.


Be aware, Utahsino could be nerfed in the future. He’s currently better than his hybrid…

Is it going to happen, we don’t know.

I’m one who has overleveled Utahsino…and applied boosts. It can be a beast.

Fair warning.

I’m in Library/Upper Aviary ~5k trophies.

If you haven’t yet unlocked rex, and haven’t overleveled Utahsino… I wouldn’t overlevel it.

I have her at lvl 25 but I could easily go up a few lvls. I’m trying to keep my team around even lvls. I have minimal boosts, maybe 2 across the board on her.

Utarinex for sure
Higher survivability,can deliver here and here few crits and is perfect to run a swap in deck

I say Utahsino is superior, I have mine at lvl 25, 3214 HP, 1866 damage, and 149 speed.

The biggest advantage is critical impact, that move alone does 3500 damage turn one with my boosted Utahsino.

I use her for revenge killing and can usually take back the initiative and gain an advantage, I have around 5200 trophies in library.

The problem with Rinex is rampage and run, while its powerful it forces a creature swap and will greatly depend on what you have coming up next if its advantageous, so there is some risk of swapping into a weaker creature.

If you have stuff like Carnotarkus, Dracocera, Monostego, or other creatures that deal damage on entrance or as counter, Utarinex plays in well most of the time. Utasino is meant for 1 vs 1 fights, but can’t pull off tricks like being first on field, killing opponent’s first creature, and replacing itself with a fresh creature so you don’t lose 1 out of 3 early when opponent brings out their 2nd.

Utasino for me. I love the design and I much prefer her moveset. I find Utarinex to be good, but… Not brilliant.

(My) Utasino’s capable of taking down Magnas, Erlidoms and anything with lower health, often in one hit thanks to Critical Impact. I’ll admit, I typically bring her out first, especially if Quetzorion is waiting in the line up (gotta dodge that Erlidom’s cloak).

Like has already been said, Tryko and Dioraja is her weakness (although mine often deals a lotta damage to them before she leaves, and that’s if she doesn’t manage to knock them out anyway).

Thanks for the reply all. My utah is at level17 only still thinking if he still valuable to upgrade of he will be nerf in the future. I was planning to have him swap for carbocerotops if that is the combo im planning in the future. If he will be nerf in the future I might as well not invest my team.