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Quad Creation Lab

that’s worthwhile then for sure.

maybe this is the time to finally take all my L10 superhybrids up a level

It’s actually not the second chamber activates for 50 and the third one was 75

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Ah, okay. My bad - maybe just wishful thinking on my part. Still worth it for me since I almost always have the one paid pod going for 100 BD per shot.

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Wasnt the community event supposed to start today?

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it began close the game and reopen it

I find it very useful.

For example, I normally have a backlog of creatures to hatch and level up. This is a wonderful opportunity to level up the creatures that you do not “need” for your top tier battles, but to level up for coin production and to build deeper benches. Plus I’m more willing to pay 25-50 bucks to do a super rare 30-31 evolution .


Just realised I have so many super rares at level 1 that are needing to be fused up so this will come in handy.

However i cant see myself using 4th slot 100 DB is a bit too much for a super rare

Be mindful that the VIP Instant Creation Lab does NOT appear to count toward the Community Event. Is this intentional, @Ned, @Keith?


Hello @Andy_wan_kenobi,
I do not know if it is intentional, but I have brought it up to the team and they will investigate it. Not sure if it will be changed before the end of the event.


Make sure before the event for the extra fuse pods ends you have your longest fuse possible in the forth slot and another long one in the third slot, you can thank me on Tuesday or Wednesday, or possibly even Friday.


You tell em boss!!!


Maybe I shouldn’t have done this now that I think about it


Yeah, usually use the last two for the 4-8 hour evolutions

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Yeah lol you could’ve sped up the first slot for less than what it cost to use the second slot lol