Quadruped Spinosaurus #2 (Creature File #186)

No knuckle walking either. The poor thing would break its wrists lol

Giant Anteaters: Am I joking with you?

There is actually a theory that shows that spinosaurus might’ve walked on its knuckles

That’s true

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Theropod hands and anteater hands are different. Quite different

That doesnt disprove the theory of spinosaurids walking on their knuckles

They lack the dexterity and structure to do so

I don’t if either of y’all make sense or something

No I’m not a fan of jp3’s spino if you were wondering. Semi-aquatic tadpole tails weak bite(compared to other large theropods at least) and badass sail are the spino I like

Wait. The knuckle walk theory was proposed by a guy called Ibrahim right? He himself debunked it,along with a few others

I see then

I don’t know