Quadruple PvP Battling

Sometimes I do pretty good doing PvP on 4 accounts at the same time.
I can usually win 2 out of the 4 when I do this.

On rare occasions when 2 of my accounts are really close on trophy’s, I get to play against myself but today it was 4 different players.



Impossible to play JWA without the devices being on charge!



like seriously 5 mins on jwa is 3-4 percent on my device!


How do you do that I can barely focus on one game!

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I was doing towers, raids and working on missions which takes a lot of time so I just keep them on the chargers. The Ipads are getting old so they lose charge faster than newer ones so I just keep them plugged in.

I can’t focus on any one game going on till a couple complete. I glance and make literally split second decisions cause if I take any time to think, someone else is waiting for me to make a move. I try not to make anyone have to wait for the 15 second count down.

I can actually play 2 at the same time and focus on both but once. Adding the 3rd and 4th, it gets harry and all I can really focus on is just keeping them going.

I do find it easier to play 4 at once in that I’m too focused on keeping them going to get competitive which gets my heart rate up and anxiousness that makes it hard to play to begin with.

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