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Quakeur tips : paramoloch & tuoramoloch edition

This week is a serious one with a legendary and a unique to dart. Only one chance, so every dart needs to be on target ! Following my serie on Dino, let me introduce you the Paramoloch :

The tuora will be available soon after its release, stay tuned :cowboy_hat_face:
Hope it helps!

For my last Dino recap :
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[Graphic] Not sure what to dart today?

To not miss any of my content :


Thanks @quakeur. nice info

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Very helpful as always. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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Here is the latest graphic for the Tuora ! Hope everyone is going to make a great score ! I’ll post later my darting session, probably in a wrap up video.

Merry Christmas everyone ! :santa:

Video for darting session and the unlocking :cowboy_hat_face: