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Qualification in the Tournament

Hello everyone. I’m new here. Can you help me? May I ask why am I not qualified in the tournament? I’m already in lvl 10 still I am not qualified. What must I do?

perhaps you need to upgrade your duty board to lvl 4? (at that level you unlock ruffnut who gives you arena duties)

How am I going to do that sir? Kindly teach me. Tnx

The Duty Board building is at the top of the island (It has the form of a Key). Once you tap on it you’ll see the progress towards your viking chest at the top and beneath it are duties given by different characters. Most of which will likely be locked.
Scroll down all the way to the bottom and you’ll normally find a button with the word “upgrade” on it. Tapping on it will show you what you need to be able to do the upgrade and ask you if you want to start it. Each time you upgrade you’ll unlock a new character that gives you duties (so its best to upgrade the Duty board as soon as you can cuz it’ll make dompleting duty chests much easier). It starts out with Astrid, followed by Snotlout, Fishlegs, Ruffnut Hiccup and Valka. Once you are able to get duties from Ruffnut then your duty board has reached lvl 4.

Does that explain everything?