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Quality makes the difference between Gen and Gen (Indo G1 Rework)

The answer is more than obvious, but what I mean is that because the g2 is better, since it is of lower quality. Many of us will have realized that the G1 and G2 of a dino change the speed, Health or Damage and in specific cases they change a lot in most

on several occasions the G2 surpasses the G1, because its quality is superior, for example: Spinosaurus (rare) and Spinosaurus G2 (Epic)

At other times G1 is superior to G2, such as: triceratops (rare) and Triceratops G2 (common)

Quality depends, if one Gen is better than another Gen

Indo G1 should have a benefit, a good option would be the armor, in the film it resisted bullets [around 15% would be fine]

Rework Indo G1
Health: 3900
Attack: 1500
Speed: 128
Armor: 15%
Critical: 30%

-Cleansing Strike
-Distracting impact
-Defense Shatering Rampage
-Evasive Stance

[Immune to distraction]
[Immune to Stun]

Do you think indo g1 needs a benefit or worse, a rework?Greetings😁


Sidestep shouldn’t be there because none of its ingredients have it

Indo gen 2 should be nerfed to be worse than indo gen 1 rather than the reverse. Both are easy to get hybrids with very consistent results against a ton of the endgame meta, and while indo gen 1 is in a fine spot, indo gen 2 is the single worst thing in the entire meta of the game.


I wanted to change sidestep, for evasive stance, but indo g1 needs a buff

JP lore 1, and 2, now that Ludia has stopped handing indo2 out like candy, it actually is pretty hard to make for newer players

I’d say do full immunity but for that reduce the attack to 1480 and the impact is either armor piercing or defense shattering

if i had full immunity i would have a raking strike instead of a cleansing strike and distracting impact it doesn’t change as it is part of being raptor

1480 attack is fine

Just because none of its ingredients have it doesn’t mean it’s hybrid can’t, take indominus for example, rex and velociraptor don’t have immunity. There’s also purutaurus which has instant distraction, and precise rampage. Let’s also not forget that before the ceratopsians were changed einiasuchus had adrenaline pulse. A final example is brontolasmus with its decelerating rampage.

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Are you serious? The only creatures that would affect are the ones that are already barely clinging on to relevance. The “throw Immunities on everything” philosophy has already done enough damage.


I like the Indo 1 getting armour. I think Ludia messed up with the rarity (well didn’t think it through, not like Ludia I know) the gen 2 is a perfected version of Gen 1 hence the blue dna. Therefore makes sense that it should be better. However they made it a legendary so it should be worse. Huge mess