Quality of life suggestion

In how to train your dragon rise of berk, each dragon had varying levels of being able to collect fish, wood, and iron. When looking at the book of dragons, one of the things you can filter by is how much each dragon can collect one of those things.

However with the sorting of it, it lists every dragon in order of how much they can collect at their max level. Between how difficult it is sometimes to get certain dragons, and how long it takes to level dragons to the higher levels, knowing which dragons will eventually be the best at something, doesn’t help all that much until you manage to get them and get them to their highest levels.

Is there any chance we can get a sorting option, for current level collection abilities?

For example. When I sort best fish collector currently, sparkle and sparks are very near the top, while seashocker is a ways down. But sparkle and sparks is only level 6 and therefore can only collect 54.9k/h. While seashocker is level 94 and can collect 4.41m/h. Therefore currently, seashocker is better at collecting fish. If both were the same level it would be different.


You also need to look at their rss gathering time like 2M/hour 1day 12h. The higher the duration of gathering time the better (example : 1day 12h).

The dragon will still keeps gathering rss even if the storage is full

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