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Quality of life Update Idea

The battles in Jurassic world alive are fun and all however you don’t get to use what you want to how you want to… we need a streamlined and elegant solution! I suggest that in addition to friendly battles you introduce a practice mode where you can challenge a friend or random player to a fight! These fights are unrestricted in terms of level boosts or rarity! However you may apply further matchmaking restrictions to filter out players if you only wanted to fight with epics for example!

Also we need a cycle button above the backpack that allows you to select only creature, supply drops, sanctuaries, or raids individually! This would help with the times when a dinosaur spawns inside of something else and you can’t click it!

P.S. Ceratosaurus needs to be in the game like seriously why isn’t it already in the game! Also the baryonyx from camp Cretaceous could be a large flock creature! Also Toro!


Don’t expect any of this to come true ludia is all about the money not what the players want or their concerns I got cheated out of my lux dna today and they are giving me the run around trying to get my dna I had 288/300 to unlock him and I was supposed to get 20 dna from the raid but it literally just gave me enough to get me to 299/300 and I contacted them at 1:00 that was almost 7 hours ago and I’m still yet to hear anything back they just keep saying to give them a little bit of time I’ve emailed gone through the forums and everything but they won’t give me my dna but they expect me to pay $49.99 plus taxes for a little bit of unique dna and a few boosts

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And I got upset and asked if they even tested the updates before they release them because they are riddled with bugs and they blocked my message like I’m not a human being with feelings if they were in my shoes they would have done the same thing

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Dude please chill! Yes they are a company I understand that they need to make profit as do we all! Just be patient and they will get back to you in 2-5 days! If you were rude then of course they are going to block you! By the way they have taken my suggestions and community suggestions before! The prices are sometimes a bit much I will agree but the devs truly do care and I still believe that! Plus they will listen to me as I am a vip and have been so for at least 2 years and I spend money quite frequently on the game in addition! Please take your complaints somewhere else! Like Uh idk customer support!

So what you’re saying is just because you spend more money in the game than I do which you have no clue how much I spend on it you’re more important than me that just proves me right and you’re just as bad as them honestly why should I have to wait 2-5 days for something I worked really hard for when they’re the ones who screwed up not me and I wasn’t rude I just asked them to fix the bugs in the game so we could all enjoy it not just the vips and the people who spend a lot of money on the game

I never said I spend more money than you and I don’t think I’m more important that you either! All I said is they are likely to listen to me because I am a long term vip; but don’t get me wrong I speak on behalf of all players, vip or not. I’m just saying that they aren’t going to take you seriously if you harass customers support; freakout, or comment on unrelated posts to get attention! My post has nothing to do with you or your problems. My post was a suggestion; an unrelated topic! Appropriate comments would be talking about the topic I posted about and if it’s a good idea or you disagree with a creature or feature I suggested! Yes this is a public forum, but do not go on random posts with unrelated content to complain about how you didn’t get your dna. that is your problem and you should take it elsewhere! If costumer support can’t help you then oh well! I know how it feels to lose resources to glitches; but there is only so much one can do. If you have no proof of collecting said resources then they are not allowed to just give it to you! Please note I am not saying you are a liar or are trying to cheat. I believe you; and it sucks to lose stuff!

I feel your pain, in Jurassic world the game “also run by Ludia” I won the tournament creature pack on the spin wheel… which has a less then 1% chance; before I could open it I got an important phone call. After I hung up, the game reopened and gave me 2000 coins instead! I contacted customer support but alas I had no proof and since the call came through just after it landed on the prize, it wasn’t in the system so I never got that dinosaur!

Im sorry if I hurt your feelings or gave you the wrong impression but your post just came off as random immature whining! And it just rubbed me the wrong way! It’s hard to convey emotions through text on a screen with no social queues; I’m sure that you are a perfectly nice person! I hope you get your parasaurolophus lux dna one day!

Yes, those ideas would only be greatly beneficial to the players. There are so many quality of life updates that would be lovely if introduced, but instead we get creature markers, which I don’t even use.

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