Quality of Life Upgrades: Locals, Darts, Strike Events

  1. Make the local I’m in known to me. Most players know what local they live/work in or can figure it out by looking around. What I’d really like is for locals to be known. It is no secret, so why leave it to deduction? This would give us clear cut lines of where one local ends and another begins. Give us a message saying “now entering local 4” so that I know.
  2. Give players more darts. There is no reason for the dart cap to be a 140 for all players. The higher a players level, the more he plays right? So why not reward the player by facilitating playing with more darts?
  3. When a dinosaur is stuck inside of a strike tower, there is no way to get that dna. What a waste! The fix for this seems simple to me, but I’m not a programmer. How about making strike towers disappear when they’re completed or provide the option to chose between the potential dinosaur or the tower when the tower is selected?

TL;DR: draw locals on the map, give me more darts, Dino’s in towers is bad


I hope Ludia is listening this time!

There is a way that sometimes works to get that dinosaur stuck in a strike tower.
1.Target another dinosaur and launch your drone.
2.Don’t shoot the dinosaur.
3.Look for the arrow on the bottom left of your screen and push it. This will take you out of the drone shooting window.
4. The map reloads, and dinosaurs reload first.
5. Find the spot where the dinosaur will reload and tap quickly.
6. If lucky, you get the dinosaur.
7. Rinse and repeat until success.

Good luck.