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Quality of work

Ludia’s usual touch… After less one hour to play (counting 5 exciting minutes to only push yes on achievements) with the new version, guess what happens ?

On my second battle :

No more towers after darting :

And a freeze after darting (and of course dna lost) :

So more bugs, more opportunity to relaunch, nice work again !

Finally, I apologize to Ronald cause I sent 3 goat emotes during a battle when I know I’m going to lose : nothing against you but done it cause it’s a (pathetic) requirement for an achievement. I’ve never used emotes before, so as u can imagine I’m really very happy to be forced to use such stupidities to progress in the game.

Not to mention the raid invites don’t work again unless I reboot. Great job on this super awesome update. But we know it’s out of your control