Quarantine day 19

I feel as if I’m being hunted by the local raptors. They’ve been stalking me.
I fear that soon they’ll make their move and devour me in my sleep. I must stay vigilant.

Times are getting tough, I think they got wind that I plan on taking their eggs once they start laying…


I think the one with the big crest might be a T. Rex.


Maybe. They’re not fully grown yet, time will tell.


I’d say it has the makings of a Monolophosaurus… :thinking:


This is fantastic :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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i should start doing this. this was great.



Such a pretty beardie!

I could do that with my Leopard Gecko if I had the legos. Lol

that one isn’t mine. just a video i found on FB.
This girl is mine. And she is the pickiest eater ever.


Pandora’s (my Leo gecko) father is a picky eater too. He’s not a fan of meal worms. He’ll only eat roaches and super worms. Lol

Pandora is like her mom, she’ll eat anything.
My best friend breeds them and I got Pandora from her. She has a brother that shares a birthday with that same friend and Pandora shares a birthday with another friend of mine. :rofl:

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Mavis (beardie’s name) won’t eat greens half the time. and she will only eat super worms or on rare occasions canned crickets. She wont eat live crickets has to be the canned ones. it’s a struggle trying to get her the proper nutrition.

Goodness, that’s a weird one. :laughing:

Have you tried butterworms? they’re a pretty good feeder insect. Probably will have to order online from specialty reptile supply store.

i may have to try them again myself as their calcium content is on par with pheonix worms.

I have not, I’ve tried Meal worms, wax worms, supers, and the giant green ones that grow to be like 3 inches long.

My friend breeds Mealworms, Dubia Roaches and Red Racer roaches for her geckos. She just let’s me grab 20-30 since they’ll last me over. a month.

Quarantine day 20

They’ve entered even farther into my sanctuary!
The large black one is now “roaring”, even the dogs fear them.

I fear my days are numbered…


Looks like they were testing the perimeter for weaknesses… they remember :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I just hope that don’t learn how to lock pick!

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Monomimus, Erlikogamma and Quetzorion.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: yeah you better hope so!

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