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[query] Ludia’s very own Alliance?

@Ludia_Developers, @J.C & @Jorge. I was wondering if you guys could tell us if this is legit or not ?

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I’ve seen one of those screenshots before from someone that battled against one of them. Seems the developers have their own personal stash of endless dna.

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Doubt that’s actually ludias alliance. Pretty cool if it is tho

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Well i mean why wouldn’t they…
They could probably just gift themselves everything

I saw someone from that alliance before. I think it was that one. They had a high level Erlik and other odd choices of dinos. I was wondering what that alliance was.

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I’d be more ashamed of only having that trophy count with that team. :roll_eyes:

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Could this be the latest L5 alliance? :thinking:

If this is true, L5 just got put to shame.

That is the Ludia guild. Those are tester accounts.


Us mods have one too, but I’ll never tell :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh that’s a first :open_mouth:

Careful, be very careful where you go from here.

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how come no dioraj or tuo? grypo or even the weakling trex :grinning:

May I inquire this, how to qualify for being a tester?

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Ludia Website -


Hey J.C!
Have they got all that dna from l5? How does one get to l5? Please respond with as simple guide as possible. I am not native english speaker.

Looking forward to hearing from you

CokieTheClown/ User1


I wonder what they find out playing that team at that medal count?

Testers are skiddish creatures, I doubt I could get an anwser. I am pretty sure they use Dev tools though and aren’t trolling in L5.

As for why this team at that count… not sure as I am not a tester.


It makes sense they have an active production testing team. For DNA/creatures they can create anything they wish. I would think they had several ‘levels’ of teams available to test each arena. Even then, it would not be a problem to go in and ‘edit’ a team to make them any level required. Take a level 30 to level 10 by editing a field. It would be necessary to test against active players not just BOTS in a closed environment.

For the makeup of the team it would vary depending on what they were checking for.

EDIT: I would think they could even have a production test team of all one Dino, like all Tryko if they desired.


@Hersh did you play this ‘tester’ in the arena?