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Query on Special Event Supply Drops

Hi everyone, I was curious if the refresh timing for the Special Event Supply Drops have been recorded. I tried to search if this question had been asked earlier but I could not find results…

In some cases I noticed a refresh of the creature under the same Drop within half an hour but other times it takes around two and a half hours. Is there a pattern to the timing and refresh or is it random?

Thanks in advance!

It is 7:30 according to Indian standard time.

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Yup, that’s the event refresh time, I’m from India too… But my query was about the creatures in special event drops and their refreshes. For example after darting the Stygimoloch, the same drop offers the Gryposuchus/W.Rhino after a period of time, I was curious if this time period had been observed to follow a pattern or if it was random refresh…

I think it is linked to the rarity of the creatures. Something like 15 minutes for common, 3 hours for rare, 8 hours for epic. Not sure about this though.

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8 hours…? I observed a refresh sometimes in half an hour, sometimes exceeding two and a half hours… But I’ve not seen a special event Supply Drop inactive for a lot longer than that…

Sorry I misunderstood. I thought you were wondering how often a creature under an event supply drop was changing. Not how long an event supply drop was empty.

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When you dart an event Dino it only “disappears” on your map. Everyone else can still dart it. So towers don’t refresh based on when you darted it. They go from spawn to next spawn. You’d have to know when that stygi spawned under the tower and go 8 hours from their.

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True, but I was actually not talking of other players… Just was wondering when the reset was, not particularly the same creature…

What I’ve seen different stops seem to be on different times

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Oh okay, thanks a lot for the help everyone! Today once the events refresh I’ll note down the time span of supply drop inactivity just in case there’s a fixed pattern. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: