Quest bug

I was working on getting some fish via quests(the one that only gives fish). At the time I was trying to hurry because I had about a minute left from when I started the second mission in the line. When i finished I had two seconds left so I quickly entered the mission and proceeded to complete it. When I had finished the quest, it gave me rewards as if I had done a rune quest, because that is what it had changed to, which might be a feature I didn’t know about, which makes it completely fine. It’s just what I looked back at the progress of the quest line it completed up to the third mission with me only playing one, plus I didn’t get rewards for the other two.image|281x499

Not sure if the picture helps but it should help visualize.

They had previously fixed that. This last update must have undone the fix

Hey Sean_Phaingdy, could you contact our support team here at with your support key so they can take a closer look? If you could include a screenshot as well, it’d be really helpful.