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Quest for Alliance Leaders

A couple of times, I notice that new members have “joined” out Alliance without my approval. Do all members see the new join requests too? And can any member “approve” their joining??

Nop, if happens when some one from your alliance invites some one else. You can kick him out .:grimacing:

I see…thank you

That’s annoying when that happens. Luckily I have t experienced it much. Most times members have the respect to ask if someone can join.

Another thing that makes me mad is when you accept someone and they come in and request dna right away and don’t say hello or thanks for the add or something. That’s rude in my eyes. That’s like coming into my house and going to the refrigerator and grabbing something to eat without saying hello. Those people get kicked instantly. So do the ones who I add with 0 trophies.


Amen on all of the above. If I accept you into our group and see you have 0 trophies…you gotta go!

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It’s not right that any member can invite without leadership approval, and they thought it was a bug that got fixed… yet it’s still there.

I get it occasionally, what can you do…no idea who let them in.

The only way to prevent this is to stay full - don’t kick your 0 trophies until you’re ready to add someone. No one can join if you have 50 members.