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Quest Hacks #1: retsamerol's short guide to the PULL Quest

Okay game, you got my attention with the 110 gems reward. I guess it’s worth optimizing how to efficiently complete this quest.

Quest Progression Conditions

To advance the PULL counter, the words “PULL” must appear in text after an ability has been used or triggered, or the enemy must be killed by the PULL attack damage. Using abilities or activating a PULL ability on an immune target will also advance the counter.

Even though kills are counted, if we want to farm pulls, we want to keep our mark alive. This means you don’t necessarily want your best gear equipped.

Moreover, a character being pulled does not need to be physically moved if there is an obstacle preventing the character from being pulled to a closer space. Because the text appears, you progress your quest counter.

Character equipment set up

Warlock: upgraded epic weapon, best armor, worst other gear.
Barbarian: upgraded rare skull, upgraded rare headdress, best armor, worst other gear.
Bard: upgraded rare boots, epic lute, best armor, worst other gear.
Cleric: full spot heal set up.

Monster to pull

Look for rooms where you can leave a single monster to repeatedly pull for minimal damage without harm to your party.

Gelatinous ooze for lower levels should suffice, but I really like the Estate Sentries from the Lightbringer Estates because they have permanent regeneration.

Explore mode is ideal for free at will access, and guaranteed monster types. But many people will have cleared it already. Just spend the entry fee on challenges with the expectation of not beating all 3 bosses for whatever challenge.

My set up

In this screenshot, I am farming pulls from Estate Sentry by:

  • attacking with my Warlock’s basic attack, * moving my Bard to trigger her movement ability, and
  • activating the Barbarian’s skull every other turn (or passes/taunts) to get another pull action, while
  • healing with the Cleric.

I average about 1.5 pulls per round with this setup.

The Estate Sentry just heals up damage and if I damage him too fast, I’ll skip my Warlock’s basic attack to give the Sentry a breather.

The Sentry occasionally can get lucky with criticals in her flurry of attacks and just one-shot Raika. To minimize this possibility, I recommend dominating the Sentry to deny attacks (while they can still regain precious HP).

Alternatively, if you have cleared Lightbringer Estate, you can use this nifty trick by @gpinsky1313.

Acknowledgements to @Mkb617, @Turbotarry and @Gil_Goren_Shimoni for identifying updates to quest counter behaviour that I initially missed.

If there is interest, I’m willing to expand this into a series with other difficult to complete quests.

Just let me know which ones people are interested in and if I roll the quest I’ll see what I can optimize.

I like what you did but I thought the fixed it to where even if you kill the enemy you get credit… it seems to work that way for me.

You are correct, I just confirmed that kills using pull attacks also progress the quest. I’ll make the necessary changes, but it shouldn’t change too much about the overall strategy.

Also the boss rooms in Lightfinger can clear the whole quest. Boring and need patience but you can let the Pit Fiend keep making demons for you to pull to death. Over and over with no threat to your party unless you fail to kill them and they stack up.

Thanks Gary, I’ve added it to the OP.

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No problem and thanks for doing this I hate the Pull challenge but at least they fixed it so it counts when you kill them before the pull happens.

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TurboTarrys quick guide to pull quest:

Close pull quest and receive alternate quest


Also do push/pull. Push away, pull back in (just waking up)

I am pretty sure this is no longer true but you may have changed it in your other guides already. When I used pull on boss monster he is immune but it still added to my counter. It was not a spell I cast but the extra attack that comes with roll, if that makes a difference.

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Thanks for sharing your experience

When I was investigating the behaviour when the quests first came out, immune bosses didn’t increment the counter. However, this was before the developers had changed their algorithm to count kills, and I didn’t pay close enough attention to see if immune characters would also advance the counter.

I’ll try to confirm your experience once I get a pull/push quest.

Can confirm what Mkb said as just finished one of this quest and got at least half of them by just using the warlock weapon repeatedlyon a boss. It seems to be just based on whether the skill procs

I can verify you are correct

I just confirmed it myself. I will adjust the guide accordingly. Thanks for the heads up guys.