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Quest Hacks #2: retsamerol’s short guide to the PUSH Quest

On one hand I really like the new daily quests. On the other hand I’ve never been a fan of the PUSH quest.

Quest Progression Conditions

To advance the PUSH counter, the words “PUSH” must appear in text after an ability has been used or triggered, or the enemy must be killed by the PUSH attack damage. Using abilities or activating a PULL ability on an immune target will also advance the counter.

The counter relates to times a PUSH ability used, rather than the number of opponents are affected by the PUSH attack. So for example, using Saarvin’s epic on a row of 4 monsters would advance the quest counter by 1.

Even though kills are counted, if we want to farm pulls, we want to keep our mark alive. This means you don’t necessarily want your best gear equipped.

Moreover, a character being pushed does not need to be physically moved if there is an obstacle preventing the character from being pushed to a further space. Because the text appears, you progress your quest counter.

Character equipment set up

Bard: upgraded rare “eye of the storm” weapon, upgraded legendary boots, epic lute, best armor, worst other gear.
Fighter: upgraded common “guard’s sword” weapon, legendary helm, best armor, worst other gear.
Warlock: upgraded rare “rod of the pact keeper” weapon, best armor, worst other gear.
Rogue: upgraded rare “keen daggers” weapon, best armor, worst other gear.
Wizard: common helm, best armor, worst other gear.
Ranger: epic helm, best armor, worst other gear.

The Bard, Fighter, Warlock and Rogue have basic attacks that have 50-75% chance to trigger a push attack at their maximum levels, and would be my recommendation for the party.

Monster to push

Look for rooms where you can leave a single monster to repeatedly push for minimal damage without harm to your party.

Gelatinous ooze for lower levels should suffice, but I really like the Estate Sentries from the Lightbringer Estates because they have permanent regeneration.

Explore mode is ideal for free at will access, and guaranteed monster types. But many people will have cleared it already. Just spend the entry fee on challenges with the expectation of not beating all 3 bosses for whatever challenge.

Alternatively, if you have cleared Lightbringer Estate, you can use this nifty trick by @gpinsky1313.

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Thanks for the tips. I am not a fan of push/pull quests neither.

I was wondering if pishing immunes monsters ( boss) add to the counter, good to know answer is yes!