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Quest Hacks #3: retsamerol’s short guide to the FAVOURED OPPONENT Quest


Hoo boy. Talk about lack of player agency. A quest that requires your opponent to have a specific character in their Roster AND your opponent to randomly draw them AND you need to kill that specific character in Battle mode. It’s the Favoured Opponent Quest and I am not a fan.

On the other hand, optimizing completing this quest (and not to win battles) kind of feels like preparing for an assassination mission, so it can be framed in a fun, if slightly evil, narrative.

In my case, I drew Farideh. Well, at least there’s gems involved. See you in Baator, Chosen of Asmodeus.

Quest Progression Conditions

Note that in the quest category it says “Battle Quest”. That means that this quest can only be completed in the PvP mode. However, both Battle mode and Test of Might mode (including Heroic Adventure Test of Mights) will be eligible for advancing the quest counter.

The quest requires that you kill the specific character in question in Battle mode to increment the counter. You do not need to win the battle to increment the counter, so long as the target character is killed.

In my particular case, that means your opponent needs to include Farideh the warlock as one of the opposing party members, and I needed to kill her character to advance my quest.

Winning against another player who do not have the chosen opponent in their party obviously does not advance the quest counter. Neither does killing Changelings who’s last attack was copied from Farideh, which was a long shot anyways.

Notably, killing the target character while they have the death ward effect active and it raised them will not increment the quest counter. If you defeat the character again without death ward, it increases the counter. Unfortunately, if you lose before killing the character again, you do not increment your quest counter.

Character equipment set up

I’m sure you’ve already figured out what gear is good for winning PvP battles. The equipment I consider below is instead gear that is useful for priority killing one individual character, presuming they are being protected by a taunt character.

Generally speaking, one proc kills (with initiative), AC debuffs, multi-zone AOE and multi random attacks are useful for bypassing taunts.

Barbarian: nothing?
Bard: upgraded legendary lute
Fighter: upgraded rare axe or legendary weapon
Paladin: legendary belt (removes taunt)
Ranger: upgraded common or legendary helm, upgraded rare or legendary quiver, upgraded common or rare axes
Rogue: upgraded rare or epic hood, upgraded rare or epic wondrous item
Warlock: upgraded common laurel, rare tome, epic or legendary wondrous item
Wizard: upgraded common hood, upgraded rare, epic or legendary book, upgraded staff (any rarity), upgraded rare or epic wondrous item [Shevarith has so many good assassin style tools!]

Quest completion approach

The reason why I selected the above equipment is because I didn’t care about winning PvP Battles while I was trying to complete this quest. I only cared about killing Farideh. [That sentence out of context is really problematic.] If I also happened to win great, and if it didn’t, I had enough points from kills to unlock my silver and gold/VIP chest for the day anyways.

If you want to complete the quest, then just be patient and don’t stress about winning or losing battles. Just worry about killing your quarry. It kind of puts a fun alternative objective for battle mode, if you’re into that.

However, for the most part, I found this quest tedious, and would generally recommend a reroll.


Best thing to do is just leave it there - you should complete it as part of your normal activities before you miss out on a quest - provided you are making progress on your other ones

I note that a character that reanimates counts towards kills for the /20 battle chest. I’ve taken out one who reanimated with death ward (but not taken them out again or any other characters) and still got 1 towards the chest. So it’s silly that it wouldn’t count Farideh under these circumstances

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Congratualtions I see that Ludia recognized your efforts and tagged this in a Facebook post. Very cool acknowedledgment of your work!


I only cared about killing Farideh.

I just thought this line was worth quoting.

Great writeup, and agreed with your final recommendation!