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What does the dragon card icon mean in Quest requirements? I can’t find any progress bar for it, like the scrolls.

Hey Kohliss, that’s the icon for Rare cards.

Ah, ok. So that means I will be awarded that many Rare cards upon a completing the quest? Thanks.

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Thanks Ned! I never noticed the color before, I always assumed it was some sort of random reward like a chest. I’m guessing that different colors of that icon mean different rarities?

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I believe Epic rarity has a silverish colour? :smiley: @JustPassingThru

Do You Know What This Will Be?

Oh… probably like the other ones.

It contains broken dreams and destroyed hopes. You know… 600 gold and lots of card you already have but aren’t your highest.


Can’t remember exactly, but Kazoo summed up my feelings pretty well. :grin:

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