Quest: Laeral's Mission Quest / Prize: Dungeon Master Pack

I have completed 15 out of 500 quest so does this mean for me to get the dungeon master pack is it going to take 475 Days to complete Laeral’s Quest?

You gain points on completing tasks. Some tasks are worth more than others. You can hold 3 at 1 time. You get new quest tasks every 24 hours. A 500 unlock will take some time to complete, but I can only imagine the rewards are going to be worth it.

I do hope the rewards are worth it 475 Days is an awfully long time, In 475 days time I am pretty sure my heroes will be level 19 and dungeon master pack be useless.

It won’t take 475 days. Maybe like 2 weeks. See the 2 quests I currently have going? Each one is worth 25 points when completed. So I gain 50 points when I do them both. It doesn’t count quests as 1. You need to look at the icon at the bottom of each one.

The scroll icon shows how many points you earn towards your quest pack when completed.

Thanks for that so it 19 days well that better than 475 :slight_smile:


Pro tip, points don’t roll over, so when you get close make sure you complete the most efficient one.

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To add to this pro tip: You should dismiss and/or avoid completing 15 pt missions that that you can replace them with 20 or 25pt ones.

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I’m pretty sure they do, I have 20 quest points carried over from the one I just completed.

I been getting only 1 quest a day so far all the quest been giving 25PTS slowly but surely I am accumulating the pts required for completion.
If I happened to get quest that is 15pts I’ll more than likely to do it anyways just to add to the 500pts.

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Points do roll over.

But yes replace all 15 points quests.

You will get lots of epic and likely 1 legendary when done. If I recall correctly I got about a dozen epic and one legendary from the 500 point pack one

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If you cancel a quest does another quest immediately be replaced?

This is my current position.

yes, but only once per day

Thanks for the info.

How do you get the dungeon master pack option? I’ve just completed an adventurer pack and now am making headway to another adventurer pack (375 points required). I would have thought the next one would be 500 points??

It’s random

Did you get a legendary?

Yes I did and a fair few epics. The dungeon master pack must be awesome and even better.

145 points to go, it’s been a mission so far.