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Quest Pass End?

I had the Warrior Pass for this past Quest season, but I only received 10k coins at the end. Last time I believe we all received a large amount of items, depending on the additional points over the 10k prize amount needed.

I was well over 500 points above what was needed for the 10k final prize, did I miss out or did Ludia just cheapen the whole process even further?

The game rewarded exactly what it said it would.

Typical Ludia response. Thank you for not taking 8 days to tell me the game is working as intended.

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As mentioned by Marcus at the time, the extra gifts were due to the rocky start of the Warrior Pass.

Given ludia’s history i think it was foolish to think they would make such a generous reward a regular thing. At least now we know not to bother doing the quests once the quest pass is finished

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It sure does, unfortunately the things that are important are ignored.

Perhaps try listening to the COMMUNITY, community manager!

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To be fair, Keith is usually responsive and passes on feedback to the development team. I don’t think he’s the one to blame for actual features of the game people aren’t happy with.

its very disappointing as most regular players had it capped out for a very long time and it was all for not. I know one thing though, most people will not be wasting their time doing extra daily quests anymore.

Hello Khmer, Everything that is written in the forums is read, and passed onto the team. Nothing is ignored. We have had plenty of discussions and have made changes that the community have requested that were not originally on our road-map for the year. We welcome players constructive criticism and feedback.

Yep, everything is passed on to the team, and the team ignore it.

The problem that led to the previous additional rewards was not corrected. I finished the quest ladder within the same duration as the previous month. This left Quest Pass holders with no reasons to complete quests for the last half of the last season. Since this was not corrected I had hoped a similar reward would have been granted to pass holder this morning.

@Keith, can you advise if this problem has been corrected for the current season. I will be abstaining from purchasing the Quest Pass this season until I am certain it has value. Thanks.

I found the extra 1000 gold per day, plus gems and cards, for doing the daily quests very nice, even if they didn’t progress the Quest Pass past the 10,000 gold. As I do virtually all the daily quests every day, that added up to be quite a haul. How is it you guys are ignoring that part of the Quest Pass feature?

I can certainly see though how, if you weren’t keeping up to date with the game, the absence of that bundle of extra gifts would be disappointing.

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I can tell you, that the extra days are there for free players to reach the end and claim the final reward with a little bit of effort. That the quest pass, I believe, is now tied to the season and will last the same amount of time give or take a day as the one that just ended. As a player, I personally feel that if you complete the warrior pass and receive all 20 rewards that value is much higher than the cost of the Warrior Pass, but I admit value is subjective.

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If by “if you werent keeping up with the game” you meant “has been playing long enough to know the quest pass costs more and you get less” than yes, you are correct.

My issue is that the quest pass rewards are a step back from the previous quest packs, which were free, and continued in perpetuity. You never stopped receiving extra rewards for completing quests.

The new system makes you pay, AND stops giving extra rewards after 10ish days, leaving no EXTRA incentive.

At a time when connectivity issues and unbalanced PvP events are stripping the fun from the game, Ludia has decided to charge us for less rewards. That’s why I’m disappointed.

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Hello LanMandragoran,
You don’t have to pay for the quest pass, you do have to pay for the Warrior Pass. The Quest Pass is still free and you still receive rewards simply by completing your daily quests. As a player without the Warrior Pass, if you complete all your daily quest each day (which most players do not) it takes roughly 20 days to get the final reward for the Quest Pass.

@Keith, I appreciate the efforts you are making to assuage these concerns. However, I also believe those making decisions at Ludia are completely misunderstanding what is causing players frustration. Let me summarize:

Removal of a Favorable Feature - Ludia decided to remove the Quest Packs, which players gleefully collected with few complains (if any). Players were satisfied with the system. There was no valid reason to remove the Quest Packs.

Replaced with a Despised Feature - Instead we have been inundated with the Quest Pass/Warrior Pass system which players find unfavorable. This system has led to a vast number of threads sated with numerous complaints.

Increased Costs with Decreased Rewards - Rewards for the free Pass are insultingly low, and the rewards for the $5 pass are not much better. Even purchasers of the $5 pass are finding less value than what was achieved from the abandoned Quest Packs. This is unfavorable to players.

Duration - Most players with the $5 pass can complete all 20 rungs of the ladder within a few days. This leaves players who do not participate in PvP Events with no objective to play for most of the month. This devalues the $10 VIP pass as such players are also collecting less from it.

Two Passes??? - Players feel they are not being treated like VIPs when they need to purchase the additional $5 pass to access all features. This was an unintelligent decision. Even long standing top players have abandoned the app.

Waiting for the Fix - Players were promised the Quest Structure would be fixed so that players with the $5 pass have reason to play more than 10 days per month. We were handsomely reward once to compensate for this issue. The problem has not been resolved, yet the additional reward was not granted. [many expletives deleted] Based on your response above it seems Ludia has abandoned plans to fix this. :nauseated_face: :hot_face: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: [a few more expletives being deleted]

You also noted elsewhere in this thread that Ludia pays attention to what is being stated in the forums. I have been reading the forums for more than a year and have never seen any indication of this.
The ongoing exodus of players and the lack of replacement players shows I am likely not the only one. The data shown in the attached photo supports my premise.

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No, what I meant is that the extra awards at the end of the last season were explained in these forums as being a one time thing. If I hadn’t known that, I think I too would be wondering what was going on and not too happy about it. The extra awards then were a surprise to the moderators in this forum also. I know many in my guild have been confused to say the least.

Personally, since the gift was unpublished as a reward, I knew something was up, waited patiently for the explanation, received it, and moved on.

@Baladir, I agree your assessment is correct.

However, I believe the primary concern is that the rewards were bestowed due to a glitch with the new system that left VIP players with nothing to do for most of the season. This has still not been corrected, so many player incorrectly anticipated the Ludians would do the correct thing and provide a similar reward.

Unfortunately, once again, Ludia’s customers are the brunt of the joke. No additional rewards were given and once again the developer seems to be incapable of correcting yet another broken feature, despite promising to do shortly after implementing this cash grab.

As they seem unable to adequately resolve the issue, out of a need to placate the few remaining aggrieved players, Ludia should have continued granting and formally announced the continuation of these additional rewards.

Continuing what they are doing is unacceptable to sage users. It seems odd someone could defend this approach.

What Orloch said is spot on in terms of a major issue in the game. At the two different tiers the current rewards do not justify the time commitment into the game for free players and also do not justify the financial and time commitment into the game for paying players.

Once you hit a certain point for common, rare and epic items you need so many pieces for each one to level up that when you receive them as rewards they become meaningless. So that leaves legendaries and silver hands which at mid level are quite exciting to get but those only occur about twice a month and I imagine the high end players already have everything they want already even on the hardest to get items.

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Wise choice, I’ve recently unsuscribed too. They don’t deserve our money

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