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Quest Pass - Hero Acquisition

I just noticed that Joppa is Quest Pass reward 21 this month. This is a problem for those of us who are both VIP and have no interest in recruiting him. It means that we are blocked from the VIP red chest in Quest Pass reward 22. I may be the only one that finds this annoying…but I’d still like to suggest that hero recruitment should be the final reward as it had been in the recent past.

I believe it was moved because non VIP members were not guaranteed to be able to get to the final reward even if they played every day.

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Makes sense. So then maybe don’t make Joppa the recruit on the Quest Pass EVERY month. Mix it up a bit. Or skip a month. I get it if the devs want to keep some heroes more rare so they can offer them for IRL cash purchase occasionally. So don’t offer those on Quest Pass.

At least Joppa isn’t being offered as reward 12 like once before. I had to cut back my game play dramatically that month.