Quest Pass is impossible

I switched to VIP when they changed the Questpass and took away the two red chests. I used to always finished and then even get up to 5,000 in gold. Well they made the one red chest vip and changed the scoring.

I’ve not been able to get the red chest since. It’s essentially the only reason I switched to VIP for the legendary at the end of the month. NOPE! I try to do the challenges as best I can. I admit, I can’t make every day. I can’t always do the 24hr ones. I do my best to kill 360 of type or move my character 100,000 times or do 995,000 mele attacks. But I can’t always do them in 24hrs.

I think if I miss any I’m screwed. I’ve not been able to get cloooooooooooose to a red chest since they changed it. I’ll do the 250 points for the xp book (which is too much) I won’t use and I don’t have the quests to get enough points for the red chest. At best I’ll get 50 points before the reset. It’s absolutely maddening.


Why was it made impossible to do? I’m not complaining about not getting 5,000 gold, the gold bonus was never a big deal to me, but that I haven’t got a red chest since the change has now reached the point where I’d really like to cancel the VIP subscription. It needs to allow a little forgiveness. It doesn’t. I miss a day of quests because of work, I won’t get it for that month. No mercy.

It’s dumb and I hate it, and it was the only reason I did the VIP.

I used to complete it with 10 days left and now it comes down to the last 1/2 days and I have a good squad and gear (mostly lvl 18/19). This game has never rewarded progression and I can only agree with you.


As far as I can tell, you have to fail 1/3 of the quests to miss the Red chest. I should get it with 9 days to spare.

Thanks! :slight_smile: Glad I’m not the only one who struggles. I can delete quests once a day to try and get a quest that I know I will be able to complete, but sometimes I do still get a “Kill 95 troglodytes in 24hrs” that I am not going to accomplish, because I don’t want to spend 3hrs grinding in order to finish it in 24hrs. So I just can’t do every quest every day, which means I have never got a red chest since they changed it.

From my perspective, the reason that quest pass is broken is because Joppa is prize #21 month after month. I refuse to recruit him and he stands in the way of the red chest every month. I have to be careful to avoid collecting rewards so that I don’t end up in a position where I have to limit play toward the end of the season.