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Quest Pass not updating

My quest page shows progress of 65.

But my Quest Pass page only shows 15.

I’ve quit and reloaded the game with no change.


Hey Mortimer, the extra points after the last prize is accumulated. At the end of the season, the reward amount (maximum 10,000 coins) from the Bonus Quest Prize will be awarded depending on the extra points you have.

So @Ned do you think it is normal that the reward for the remaining 27days is only 10k gold?

Is this the reward for buying the quest pass?

What were the devs thinking when they developed this latest “masterpiece”?


The quest pass page indicates the bar will be full at 50 points. It shows 15/50. Now that the last prize has been earned, the display of the bar should change to show the accumulated points only. It should say 65, and not 15/50.


I have the same issue as @Mortimer .

At front page it will show your total extra as follows:

But at detailed quest pass page it shows the amount you earned till next step, also as follows:


Ok. And sorry to be repetitive, but I have to wait over 20 days to get the 10K even though the bonus bar is full and clearly shows I earned the 10K? Does that make sense. If the bonus isn’t going to go above 10K, why can’t I have it when it reaches 10K?

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Ludia doesn’t excel at advance testing. They didn’t realize the quest would be achieved so soon so they weren’t prepared for how it actually plays out. They will likely do a reasonably acceptable job of having this not suck quite as bad next round so there’s that to look forward to.


Hi All, I am also limited to 10 000, and it’s really insignifiant as à bonus you can earn in a month ! So bad…