Quest Pass Question

I’m assuming everyone gets the same quest pass rewards this season. Reward number 10 is a pair of Pikel packs. What does that mean for those of us who haven’t already recruited Pikel?

I’m asking because I’ve been avoiding recruiting new toons until I flesh out some of the equipment on the toons I already have. As it stands I have to stop pursuing daily quests at some point so that I don’t have Joppa forced on me as reward #23.

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If I wanted the toons I’d either buy them or earn them in an event. I dont think it’s a good business model to force product on someone. I’m with Glad21, I have toons I like and have spent some time tweaking. I dont want a chest pull that may have cards I will never use and widen the net on the cards i may get in the future.

The first pack includes Pikel and a bunch of commons, those that already have Pikel will get the same pack but with no second Pikel unless a doppelganger snuck in when we weren’t looking.

Hi Keith,
Thanks for the clarification. I’m sure this is a welcome surprise for many.

I’m going to do my best to continue playing and avoid claiming as many quest rewards as possible this month. Bummer for me as a VIP subscriber. I recognize that you can’t please everyone. But last month was the first time I was actually able to claim my bonus chests in quest pass in two months because Joppa previously stood in the way.

It would be great if there was a choice between a regular common pack or a toon. Joppa is just a lv 11 anchor around my level 14 squad. I already progress super slow…

Would be great if there was a way to opt out of receiving toons through quest pass. If there was a pop up that gave the option to say No don’t recruit or yes recruit. So that a new toon can’t be forced on us and water down loot tables before we are ready. Or Even putting the Pikel and pikel packs at the 21st or 22nd reward so players could actively avoid unlocking. 10th reward is gonna be tough for people to avoid…I already have Pikel and enjoy him, but have also avoided completing quests to not unlock Joppa yet and totally regret unlocking Jarlaxle…

They’re intentionally doing it to push the new heroes onto people, or else they’d make it difficult to achieve and not the 10th free reward.