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Quest pass reward

Says i have a reward in quest pass, but only a blank spot in the VIP box for reward.

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Many have been encumbered by this this bug since step 20 on the quest ladder was complete last month.

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Figures, thank you.

Yup same here. A known bug effecting a large portion of players and no fix for a month.

Another way Ludia is failing us.

They act like they have no idea this is happening when I contacted support. I wish I never wasted money on this money pit game. Thieves!

Ludia, new posters are coming to complain! This is a bad sign. Please listen to them!

Ludia could not care less

I agree @herpderp. They have essentially abandoned the app and do not care what users think or the impact this has on the very few active players. They have moved on to other projects and they are in no rush to fix this bug.