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When they brain stormed the pros and cons of the new quest pass system I don’t think they addressed what happens when you have 27 days until quests become relevant again. Now if I can just get a challenge with some good rewards since I have a lot of time on my hands…

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I assume this 27-day gap may be a one-time occurrence.


@Ludia_Developers do you think you’re gonna fix this?

27 days with no rewards?

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I was def getting more legendaries with 40 days of packs to open


Ughhh… 21 days left before a refresh and all we have to look forward to is 10k gold? Ughhh

I have to agree RedRogue. I rarely get legendaries, but epic collection has seemed to slow down as well. I got nothing but commons and rares out of all the chests except the last red.

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Yeah. I am not a fan. I don’t mind the implementation but I too got more dungeon masters packs, which they said is the equivalent of the last chest, in Than a single one in 40 days. It’s a blatant cash grab. But also paying the 5 dollars at the start means you will have almost a month of time when you don’t earn anything but what the quests give until the refresh.


@Ned would you please either confirm or deny, players who bought Warrior List Pass have to play 20+ days with no reward (10k gold is equal to NO reward, just in case).

Because, in this case, we are again in front of the latest devs Legendary (more than Epic) fail…


Am I correct in understanding that only those people who paid for the quest pass are eligible to get the extra money after they are done collecting chests? I have 20 days to wait before I can collect quest prizes?

Hey Fizbanius, I’ve forwarded your feedback regarding this to our team. Thank you!


Tank you @Ned

What about now? 10k reached, 19 days left with no rewards? I’m not the only one in this situation of course…

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The psychology of gamification has been interesting to observe in myself - since these quest rewards stopped, my motivation to play seems to have basically died. I guess because the quest rewards provided some direction to grinding, it felt more worth it?

15 more days - I wonder how many others will lose interest.


@Ned @Keith

People not using Warrior Pass has completed the path too, with 15 days left with no reward.
Just as a recap:

Players with Warrior Pass = 27ish days w/o reward
Players w/o Warrior Pass = 15ish days w=o reward

As you can see from post above @Fradam (valid for myself too and for many other players), people are quicky losing interest in the game without a purpose…


@Fizbanius, I agree there seems to no purpose in playing now. Based on only facing bots for the past week or so I am speculating many of my peers (players in the top 50 - 120 range) are temporarily inactive. I suspect the switch to this failed Quest Pass system is partially responsible for this decline.

This is yet another example of an added feature which has failed due to ineffective testing prior to release. Hopefully they have this corrected prior to the next quest pass season.


While I am still playing, I am not really trying to accomplish my quest. If the green icon comes up I collect it. It seems another good idea that was implemented hastily with no follow through. Yes they responded with a quick fix when we pointed out issue 1…but as in many fixes they created another problem. I personally have gone far above the 10k cap and do feel a little robbed. I will send Nam out to find the developers and get my pound of flesh :smiling_imp:


I have 12 days left and have maxed out. I just try to complete my dailies, so I assume most of the active player base are now or very soon finished. Also I agree that 10 000 gold is not much of a reward. To go from level 13 to lv 14, I need 14 000…

Since I started playing back in feb I never lost a day of dailies… After I reached the pass’ cap I already lost 3.

And now you wait for the season to be over and you will collect your 10000 coins!

12 days 11 hours if that wasnt clear