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Quest Rewards. VIP

The rewards for the quests are now rubbish.
You said you were making them inclusive with VIP but they have been significantly downgraded.
Feeling of this is that the game is worse, tighter, less value, harder to progress.
I’m cutting my spending.


Agreed, @lemonfarmer. My take here: [Update 15.2] Quest Updates

The VIP rewards are better than they were, but I’m cutting spending too. Seems way more expensive now. Somehow buying a $6.99 pack in lieu of the old Warrior Pass seems like a huge step backward. Buying gems so I can have 10+ losing streaks in the current ToM? Are you kidding me?!

How are VIP awards better? I’m not seeing that at all. There were red, purple, green chests before. Now far fewer.
I’m not motivated to do quests any more.

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The VIP now includes the chests in the left column of the Quest Pass that were previously only available if someone bought the Warrior Pass. There are fewer rewards in that column now, but the VIP now rewards those at no extra charge.

I agree with @lemonfarmer. All players, VIP included, got more than the current rewards before the bait-and=switch. Two single freely obtained 500 point Quest Packs offered a value exceeding the entire monthly quest structure. Thus, even with these token rewards for VIP on the quest ladder, VIP players (and all other players) are now receiving far less. This was an obvious sham designed to fool players into thinking VIP has added value.

Ah. That was before my time.

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It’s just so unmotivating.
I can’t be bothered to grind 8 challenge bosses for an elegant chest.