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Questing trust points

this might be an old topic but i feel like griping a bit today haha

i got my first lightfury (!) today and was thinking about how tragic it is to have to wait for future events to gain more/duplicates of trust points to train up those dragons when you can get toothless points through questing even once he’s maxed out : (

it would be nice if you could opt-in to quest trust points with other dragons on the condition that you already unlocked a copy through events perhaps? would be a nice feature and also be less of a pain in the rear to get duplicates of dragons you’ve already unlocked :’)


I wholeheartedly agree.

At a certain point you’re not only going to be max 5* with Toothless, but you’re going to be still earning trust points for him both in exploration and during his events (if you wanted the runes or, I don’t know, whatever reason). It would be much more beneficial if we could put those points to better use by either being able to choose which dragon they go to or, if you absolutely must (please don’t) event dragons ‘suited’ for the exploration stage. After all, the stages are prefaced by exposition with certain characters, why not receive points for their specific dragons? (I’dstillpreferthechoicepersonally)

It would be so, so much better than spending all that effort and time and in-game energy towards a 5* fodder dragon.


It will be a while before I have all 3 Toothless but when I do I would certainly like to be able to choose to put the Trust points in exploration towards another event dragon. Otherwise they’re wasted…


Or the trust points could alternate like they do in quests. Like one week LF, one week Toothless and so on. But I like the Idea of UV trust points the most.